The Beginning of the End?

A report in FOX Natposdtion, states that Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) thinks Obama is going to be the “First ‘Post-American’ President“; and, she compares him to Hugo Chavez.  That report can be viewed at http://www.thefoxnation.com/president-obama/2010/03/15/bachmann-obama-first-post-american-president-compares-him-chavez .

Even though the American people have spoken in regard to healthcare reform being forced down their throats, the New DC Mob (Obama, Pelosi and Reid) are oblivious to the will of the people.  And as more and more lies, manipulation and buy-offs come to light, who are these Americans that our politicians continue to say want this reform?

Many within the Tea Party and Coffee Party movements say that the American people will get even with these politicians come the next elections.  But what makes anyone think there will even be elections?  If this is the government takeover it appears to be, what is to stop our government from outlawing darned near everything states within the Constitution and Bill of Rights?  We may well have our “government” in place with what we have, and not be allowed to replace any of them just as many other countries are stuck with leaders for all of their natural lives.

I really hope I’m wrong with all this, but there is compelling evidence to the contrary.  Time will tell, just as it usually does.