National Worker ID System

The congressional staff studying the problem of illegal immigrants obtaining jobs here in this country has devised a plan which would require all American workers to obtain a Worker Identification Card.  This would be a biometric card capable of holding pertinent personal information about the worker to make it easier for prospective employers to ascertain whether the individual is legal, or illegal.  The present system available to employers has been shown to actually catch only 46% of the illegal aliens trying to obtain employment.  This means that 54% fall through the cracks.

Already there is an outcry from individuals and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) that such a plan invades the right to privacy.  Perhaps it does, but something has to be done to stem the flow of people entering into this nation illegally and taking jobs from unemployed Americans.

The people of this nation are going to have to start making some very important choices in the way things are done; and, not all of them will be favorable.  In addition to serving as a means to identify illegal immigrants and workers, could not a system of biometric cards be used to store other important personal information.  Things like the ability to participate in elections, motor vehicle operator licenses, or even a personal medical history that could be accessed in case of an emergency.  Another benefit of this type of a system is that criminals could be much more easily identified, just as could those under scrutiny relating to domestic and foreign terrorism.

People are going to have to decide whether they wish to maintain a high degree of personal privacy, or allow methods like this to help weed-out the undesirables.  without it, there may be no sure way of preventing illegal aliens from entering into this country, obtaining all the entitlements originally created to benefit Americans, and taking valuable jobs that could help unemployed Americans crawl out from under the recession.  Closing our borders completely is not only unreasonable, it’s probably impossible.

Besides, if all these people who object to this and darned near every other idea are so concerned about it all, why haven’t they offered so much as a viable option?