Obama's Latin American policy on the rocks

No, I am not referring to the snubbing of the Brazilian President. That’s just amateur hour, something we have come to expect. This is truly a problem.

I am referring to Barack Obama’s bungling of Latin American countries expelling US diplomats and officials.

First, in Ecuador:

The Ecuadorian government today expelled Max Sullivan, first secretary of the U.S. embassy in Quito, for interfering in the country’s internal affairs, PL reported.

Second, in Bolivia:

Evo Morales, Bolivia’s president, has ordered a senior US diplomat to leave the country, accusing him of siding with opposition groups in a “conspiracy” against the government in La Paz.

Francisco Martinez, the second secretary of the US embassy in La Paz, is the second US diplomat to be expelled from the country in six months.

Note that earlier, a bunch of anti-drug officials were expelled.

What was Obama’s response? Well, sources tell me that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had signed off on the typical response, the State Department expelling diplomats from the US. But an Obama loyalist interfered, killing it.

This is no way to run a foreign policy. They can’t get either the carrot or the stick right.