Franken's Floridian Fun Fest

Where is Al Franken? He claims to have won an election in Minnesota. Franken having fun

But that’s not what a local reporter says. Al has been spotted in Florida:

Make that since anyone in Minnesota has seen Franken. That was the day he proclaimed victory after the Canvassing Board certified his 225-vote win. He took no questions after his brief statement, only to disappear behind the façade of his downtown Minneapolis townhome. Since then we have been told he has been hanging out in Florida while the rest of us, pardon my French, have been freezing our butts off.

When pushed, the Franken campaign said that he came up to DC for an interview:

UPDATE: The Franken Campaign says Franken has been accessible, they say Franken sat down for interviews with both the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press in Washington D.C. a week and a half ago.

Is that really their defense? He gave an interview to Minnesota media in DC?
Let’s all call the state party and ask where Joker Al Franken is right now. Their phone number is 1-800-999-7457. Let’s figure out where they are hiding Al.