Daschle, Geithner, and Franken: Tax cheats

A tremendous amount of attention has been focused recently on Tom Daschle’s $140k tax blunder. It turns out that he didn’t even disclose any of his to Barack Obama after Obama nominated him. Note that this even included not paying the Medicare for his driver.

And people paid attention to now Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s “mistake”(?) of not paying taxes, while collecting the reimbursement for those taxes from his employer.

These aren’t the only Democrats on the national scene with tax troubles. Remember Al Franken, currently in limbo due a contested recount in Minnesota? Do you remember that he too didn’t pay his taxes? From the Politico in April:

But Franken’s admission Tuesday night that his corporation had owed $70,000 in back taxes and penalties in 17 states threatens to upend what has been until now a disciplined, on-message campaign against one of the GOP’s most vulnerable incumbents.

How many more are out there? Who is next?