Obama's transition problems

Watching the news suggests that everyone’s legs are tingling. Everyone is praising Barack Obama’s smooth transition. That seems odd considering what a miserable ethical disaster it has been. Consider this list:

Obama’s governor, Rod Blagojevich, was arrested for trying to sell his US Senate seat. He tried to involve the SEIU, one of Obama’s key supporters.

Obama appointed a Secretary of Commerce, Bill Richardson, who had to withdraw his name after it turns out that he gave state contracts to donors.

Obama’s nomination for Secretary of the Treasury, Timother Geitner, appears to have defrauded his employer, requesting money from the IMF as “gross-ups” for self-employment taxes he said he had paid but never did. (documents below the fold)

Obama appointed a lobbyist, William Lynn, for the 3rd largest defense contractor to the position of Deputy Secretary of Defense, in violation of Obama’s own transition rules.

Obama appointed a lobbyist, William Corr, to Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services, also in violation of Obama’s own transition rules.

Obama’s transition is being advised by an executive on telecom policy, in violation of Obama’s own transition rules.

Obama has appointed an energy and environment czar who is married to an energy lobbyist.

I can’t think of a transition that failed more to vet its appointees or to follow its own procedures.

If Obama runs the government like he has run his transition, it will make Richard Daley’s city hall look like a church. (oh yeah. Did you know that Rahm Emanuel was Daley’s chief fundraiser? That’s a good sign. I am sure that he didn’t learn about pay-to-play there)

The Senate’s findings on Geitner after the jump.