Leftist Canadian parties to bring government down over campaign finance laws

In Canada, after a federal election, federal parties receive a grant from the federal government equivalent to $1.75 Canadian for every vote that the party received. The newly re-elected Conservative government tried to repeal that subsidy of political parties:

The opposition said the update did not contain needed stimulus for an economy increasingly squeezed by the global downturn, but they were most angered by a planned end to direct public financing of political parties.

Recall that in the last Canadian federal election, the Conservatives won a minority government and the Liberal Party had their worst showing in Canadian history. So, in response to an attempt by the Conservatives to take political parties off the public dime, what do the Liberals do? Bring down the government and try to install themselves:

If neither side blinks, the government will likely fall, and Canada would either head into another election or into some sort of coalition led by the Liberals. The other two opposition parties are the separatist Bloc Quebecois and the left-leaning New Democratic Party.

Insanity. Pure insanity.