Does Time know what either "fact" or "check" mean?

Since the indictment and conviction of Ted Stevens, Time ran a series on indicted Senators. One that they discussed was John Smith from OH 1803-1809. They describe him as a “Republican” from Ohio.

That’s funny.

First of all, his party affiliation, as described by the Congressional Bioguide as “Democratic Republican”. Any person who knows anything about American political history knows that this was the predecessor to the modern Democratic Party.

Second of all, there wasn’t actually a Republican Party at the time. It was founded, depending on your story, in either Ripon, Wisconsin or Jackson, MI in 1854.

The point isn’t a partisan one. The point is that the reporters, editors, and fact-checkers seem to be sloppy about their facts and historical illiterates.

Not a good sign in a leading American magazine.