Rokey is all alone with the military ballots he won't count

Today, the Fairfax Times reports that Rokey Suleman still is not counting those military ballots we have been telling you about:

“It kills me to not count those votes,” Suleman said. “As much as I hate the law, I can’t ignore it.”

Rokey must know something we don’t know. And something that the State Board of Elections doesn’t know, because they have told him the votes should be counted. And Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell. And even Barack Obama’s campaign thinks the votes should be counted.

Only little Rokey Suleman thinks that he is following the law. And in his moment of bravery, he is throwing our soldiers under the bus.

How about you tell Rokey what the law actually is? And ask him why he refuses to implement the law as interpreted by the Attorney General and the State Board of Elections.

Rokey Suleman
Fairfax County General Registrar
[email protected]

And join a Facebook group to send him a message.

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