Editors: Lapdogs of the netroots

Yesterday, I noticed these very strange first two paragraphs of a Politico story:

The liberal blogosphere was abuzz Friday with news that a friend of Sarah and Todd Palin had tried to seal his divorce records.

Surely, the Netroots speculated, that friend must be the unnamed business partner whom this week’s edition of the National Enquirer alleges — without proof so far — was romantically linked to Palin. The McCain campaign’s characterization of the story as a “vicious lie” seemed to only fuel more speculation.

The reporter makes explicit that he (or at least they. The they of the media and the Politico) are being driven by the netroots. At least the Politico is self-conscious enough (or post-modern enough) to admit its role in the farce. He goes on to note:

Those who couldn’t make it to the Palmer courthouse in person were out of luck for much of Friday, since the court’s website crashed from all the traffic directed to it by a link on Andrew Sullivan’s blog.

It couldn’t be clearer that the media is not being driven by the responsible lefty news outlets like Talking Points Memo, but by the delusional crazies like DailyKos and FireDogLake (and, now, sadly Andrew Sullivan, once a serious person).

In that context, Diane West quotes Steve Schmidt in the Washington Times

Mr. Schmidt said. “Many reporters have called the campaign and have apologized for asking the questions and said, `Our editors are making us do this, and I am ashamed.'”

These are the same editors that are signing off on stories, and probably encouraging them, like Vogle’s. It is clear who to blame both for the irresponsible coverage and the self-destruction of the media’s credibility.

At this rate, they will continue to destroy themselves and elect John McCain and Sarah Palin. In a twisted, way I think, “bless their hearts.” They’ll defeat themselves and Barack Obama. Two birds with one stone.