Did you give your Social Security number to a child rapist?

This is a public service announcement.

Did you register to vote recently near Albuquerque? If so, you might have given your Social Security number, indeed all the information necessary to commit identity theft, to a child rapist. In particular, this guy.

You see, New Mexico ACORN hired this guy, along with a bunch of other criminals to register voters. In New Mexico, according to the Bernallilo County Clerk, where this happened, this is the infromation needed:

Name, gender, birth date, social security number, residence address, mailing address (if different from your residence) party affiliation, telephone number (optional), date and signature.  

Would you trust this information with a child rapist or any other kind of felon? No.

Then why does ACORN pay them? What the story on the evening news last night:

Note that one of these guys has actually been convicted on two counts of credit card fraud. Shouldn’t there be some sort of background check for people who are paid to collect this information?

H/T to Election Journal.

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