Rick Davis schools David Axelrod on race card

Mark has addressed some of Barack Obama’s campaign’s handling of the “race card” issue. But it is worth watching the appearance. It is astonishing that Axelrod was so unprepared for this:

Note that the closing argument that Obama has never proposed an energy tax increase is laughably false with today’s Politico story about funding a $1,000 rebate with a tax on energy companies. Axelrod is just lying and making stuff up. Totally unprepared and without a single compelling answer.

At the same time, Davis just drills away.

Real Clear Politics felt the same way:

I had the read the quotes from the AM Report posted earlier today, but hadn’t watched the video until just now. This was, to put it politely, not Axelrod’s best. He essentially admitted that Obama was in fact making a reference to his race with his “dollar bill” remarks and then – almost as if he recognized the mistake and lost his train of thought – stumbled badly when trying to answer on the question of energy and taxes.