The beginning of the end of the end for Gordon Brown

Last night the Scottish National Party won a by-election (like our special elections) in Glasgow East. A friend who is a Tory operative sent me a facebook message in shock last night:

the SNP are about to win a ‘special election’ in labour’s 4th safest seat in parliament! like the GOP gaining pelosi’s seat in San Francisco!

The hating all-things-leftist Telegraph put it this way:

If Gordon Brown, as now seems likely, loses the next election to David Cameron, this will be seen as the moment he knew the game was up.

Noting that the candidate wasn’t the problem, they continued:

This loss was not about her, it was about the Prime Minister. It was about a Labour party that has lost its way and now seems to inspire only disdain, even among its heartland supporters.

We are seeing the end of the post-Cold War center-left swing in Europe perhaps best symbolized by Tony Blair. Center-right governments are in charge in Italy, Germany, France, Sweden, and, soon, the UK.