One of the more cogent messages in the Bible says, “Whatever a man soweth, that also shall he reap.”  In layman’s terms, “You get what you deserve.”

And the night of the first presidential debate the mainstream media got exactly what it deserves (as evidenced by the post-debate Pagliacci faces on the MSNBC clowns, which surpassed Brown beats Coakley proportions.)

Conservatives all across the country are fist bumping and backslapping due to the lopsided victory over Obama and his liberal courtesans, but the celebration should be about victory over their enablers – the media.

CNN, CBS, ABC and NBC had just as much to do with Romney’s knockout of the president as his prep team did.  And they were equally instrumental in Obama’s squalid performance.

The 2012 election has made one thing clear – the media’s liberal bias is not a matter of opinion it is fact, documented and verified by new media on a daily basis. It has become so obvious, so blatant, that for some the mask has come off, the charade of objectivity jettisoned. NBC’s Chuck Todd, ABC’s Jake Tapper, Washington Post ombudsman Patrick Pexton and New York Times Public Editor Arthur Brisbane to name just a few have admitted as much.

When interviewing Obama the media turns into People Magazine Lite, asking probing questions such as, “How awesome is it being you!”

But when they meet with Romney the interview becomes an interrogation, the pundits morph into Torquemada, “Why do you hate puppies??!!”

And now the fawning media’s chickens have come home to roost. Unknowingly (they are not nearly as bright as they imagine themselves to be) they helped steel Romney for the debates while coddling their false idol, leaving one candidate well-prepared and the other woefully inept and feeble. By taking cheap shots at Mitt and tossing softballs to Obama, the toadies ensured that Romney was Sherman marching on Atlanta, battle tested and ready, while Obama was Custer at Little Big Horn, ill-prepared and shell shocked. And in the end, just as decimated.

But while we’re on the subject of chickens, let’s not count ours before they hatch. It is not yet time to celebrate victory, not yet time to let down our guard.  Remember, a pool hustler looking to pocket one hundred dollars does not walk into a bar and pronounce, “Anyone want to play me for a hundred bucks?”  He plays for free, and loses, badly.  Then he suggests playing for fifty bucks.  And he loses again.  He pleads for a chance to get his money back and offers one more game, double or nothing.  Then he breaks the rack and runs the table.  All week long the media aided the Obama administration in downplaying expectations for the debate.  And last night those low expectations were more than achieved. Was the first debate a set up, a hustler losing the first game knowing the final game is the only one that matters? Was it a rope-a-dope? Can Obama, can anyone, really be that inept?

No matter. The leftist networks lust for Obama knows no bounds.  All last night means is that the boot licking, apple polishing, brown nosed ass-kissers will conspire to work even harder to destroy Romney.  And by default, our country.  Fortunately, their disparate treatment of the two opponents unwittingly aided the Republican candidate, leaving him more than adroit at dealing with the dirty tactics, lying and proselytizing of that gaggle of sycophants otherwise known as the mainstream media, and of the candidate they worship . . .