Loop21 Mindreader Labels Michelle Obama and Sarah Palin Racist

Mindreader Labels Michelle Obama and Sarah Palin Racist

By Sonny Palermo

It’s always easy to spot the true racist – they can’t but help project their own racism onto others.

In keeping with the media’s mission to dictate the narrative for the next election by publishing a multitude of daily hit pieces on their objet d’obsession Sarah Palin, blogger keli goff spews her compliance via “Ten Things Michelle Obama Wants to Say to Sarah Palin.”

Blogging for theloop21.com, a website devoted to black issues, the loopy Miss goff believes she can channel the feelings of the First Lady so accurately that it is her right, nay, her duty to share them. It is from this presumptuous assumption that she graces the American public with this gem:

Number 7: While I realize a strong, attractive black woman defeated you for the Miss Alaskan crown (which must have really stung since there are like 5 of us in the whole state) you shouldn’t let that leave you with a chip on your shoulder about all of us strong, attractive black women.

Here the glorious Ms. goff’s psychic power is evident for all to see as she not only channels the First Lady’s opinions and convictions, but also those of the former Governor, too. But sadly, as it turns out, both women are racists.

Actually, the prejudice proposed comes not from the mind of Obama or Palin. No, the race-colored glasses are worn solely by Miss goff. The bigotry belongs to her, it is her dogma projected, she is the one who has Palin lamenting because she lost to a woman of color, and the First Lady also seeing it in such narrow minded terms.

In the Springer-like free-for-all anything-goes atmosphere that passes as internet journalism, groundless tripe like this gets published every day. But even if we were living in the days of print-only publications this hatchet would have still found a home in Palin’s back, such is the media’s all-encompassing hatred of everything Sarah.

This is not to say Miss goff is one of the obsessed. That point cannot be made just because Palin was the topic of her weekly blog dated December 15th. Or that Palin was also the basis for her December 5th spiel. And her December 1st diatribe. The fact that Palin is also in goff’s November 15th, November 8th and November 3rd weekly blogs are surely little more than coincidence.

To refudiate (yes, refudiate) the point that Miss goff is obsessed one only needs to read her November 8th piece, a blog based on the movie “For Colored Girls,” in which she manages to emit an entire column without squeezing in a single cheap shot at Palin. Well done, you!

The sad fact is if it wasn’t for racism from the likes of goff, President Obama’s poll numbers would be even lower. While his approval ratings have dropped to new lows among every other section of society (independents, women, Democrats, etc.) it has remained in the low nineties among black Americans.

Is this because black people have a deeper understanding of his policies than the rest of society?

Of course not, it’s racism, pure, simple and right there for anyone with open eyes to see. But also, like Obama’s background during the primaries, forever ignored, excused and buried by the media.

The saddest thing about the blind support offered by black America is the fact that the love is unrequited. Barrack Obama has fought harder for amnesty for Latinos than he has for the three major problems facing blacks – the abominable abortion rate for young women (nearly 40% of all black pregnancies result in abortion, more than double all other races combined according to Vital Signs), the horrific homicide rate among young black males (48% according to Council of Conservative Citizens) and the tragic number of single mothers (which goff herself places at a mind-boggling 70 percent among black Americans.)

But black America can take heart – although Obama has taken up the major issues of illegal immigrants in recent speeches it’s not that he cares more about Latinos than he cares about you, it’s just that he has more use for them at the moment. He already has you solidly in line, while Latinos represent a growing voter base yet to be captured, thus requiring courting.

In comparison, the next time you hear the President devote a major speech to the alarming rates of homicide, abortion and/or single parenthood among blacks will be the first.

Perhaps Ms. Goff should hunt for racism in that.

That is, if she can wean herself off of PDS . . .