Sins of the Mother – Bristol Palin

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Sins of the Mother – Bristol Palin

Could someone please remind me, what is Bristol’s sin? What was her crime?

Like a pack of rabid dogs, Liberals are in all-out attack mode on the young woman and for the life of me I can’t recall what she did to deserve it. As I cull through their writings to try and discern the reason for their malice, I come up with the following litany of complaints:

Stupid. Fat. Bitch. Racist. Whore. White Trash.

Not much is offered in the way of facts to verify or justify the venomous hyperbole.

The most I can gather is this – she made some mistakes as a teenager.

Didn’t we all?

“She dated a jerk.” So what – who hasn’t?

“She had a child out of wedlock.” Common place in today’s society.

“She’s only on the show because of her mom.” Yes, and Kelly Osborne was only on because of her dad. Show me ONE liberal blogger crying foul over that.

Had she been knocked out early in the competition Liberals would have danced in orgiastic delight. If she loses tonight, same thing. If she wins, they’ll go ballistic, cry foul, and scream “Boycott Dancing with the Stars!” They may even try to hurt her. Last week, an envelope containing a suspicious white powder was delivered to the show. So far there has been no official word as to who it was directed to, but we don’t need the police or media to tell us who the intended victim of the prank is. And NBC confirmed today that Bristol and her partner have been receiving death threats. I loathe reverting to the “What if the roles were reversed?” argument, but what if it were Chelsea Clinton who was threatened for making the finals? The loons at MSNBC would use it for their top story, follow up comments and closing segment for every show for a week, complete with nonsensical claims of unsubstantiated violence by the Tea Party.  Because it’s Bristol, daughter of Sarah, the silence is deafening. And telling.

Bristol can’t win with this crowd, ever. That ship sailed when she chose not to have an abortion. The reason she is under attack is because she is her mother’s daughter and Sarah Palin is the number one target for a Liberal base that is deranged over seeing their policies and politicians rejected by the majority of the American people.

The media is obsessing.  Bloggers are blathering.  Comment section trolls are foaming at the mouth.


She’s smiling. She’s happy. She’s having fun.

Reason enough for the always miserable Left to despise her . . .