In the immortal words of Jeff Spicoli – “You DICK!”


In the immortal words of Jeff Spicoli – “You DICK!”

By Sonny Palermo

Liberal women hate Conservative women because, well . . . because Liberal women typically look like Liberal women.  See the clip below:


And Liberal men hate Conservative women because they could never get a date with them in high school.  Or college.  Or life in general.

At and 6:19 and 6:24 of the video clip below, behold, the face of the genus known as Liberalis Dorkus Majorus.

Words are unnecessary – it’s evident in his smug smirk – but if there were words they would be “You think you’re pretty?  Take that, mean girl!”

On Wednesday’s Hannity, guest Peter Johnson was brought on to debate Ann Coulter on airport security and he played the role of the typical Lib – rude, condescending and filibustering.  For his part, Hannity played the enabler, allowing Johnson to control the segment, running roughshod over Coulter every time she tried to make her point.  Skip to the 4:30 mark and you’ll see Johnson ask Coulter a question.  He then spends the next two minutes cutting her off – and laughing about his rudeness like the typical little liberal weasel that he is.

As the video makes clear, Johnson is a johnson.  A tiny, flaccid one.