A Tale of Two Presidents

Barrack Hussein Obama II was the 44th president of the United States of America. He is credited with an over 50% approval rating nationwide and has received a lot of fanfare from several media outlets including CNN and MSNBC news. There are various reasons for his enormous popularity including implementing a nationwide health care insurance coverage program called the “Affordable Care Act”. This act was designed to cover over 32 million Americans with health care insurance including covering citizens with preexisting conditions or people that already have a preexisting illness or disease. Also Obama worked hard to restore diplomatic relations with the Caribbean island nation of Cuba and try to end the 50 year old Cuban embargo. Then Obama went to the international negotiation table to craft the Iran nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran, which was supposed to get Iran to abandon its nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief and finical aid in order to boast Iran’s economy in the form of a 150 billion dollar payoff.  Domestically Obama was huge advocate for gay rights and he was strictly in favor of more gun control. Also Obama held a very Globalist view or believing in creating an interconnected world by building globally connected institutions and multinational trade deals such as the Trans Pacific Trade agreement. These policies and political views have made him popular with a large segment of Americans, especially with staunch Democrats and the members of the extreme left in the political spectrum in the United States. However his term as president was also mirrored with both scandals and failures including the Benghazi scandal.

The Obama administration came under fire when it was discovered that a number of correspondents were sent to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by the Libyan U.S ambassador repeatedly requesting for more security to be sent to his compound in Benghazi, due to the increasing volatile situation on the ground there. But these pleas were met with death ears from the white house resulting in an attack by terrorists on his Benghazi compound, the ambassador was murdered resulting in his dead body being dragged through the streets by a mob.  Benghazi was not only a tragedy it also was an excellent example of how his decision to aide NATO forces in the 2012 Libyan civil war in successfully overthrowing Libyan dictator Mummer Gadhafi’s repressive regime was a complete disaster ending up creating a massive power vacuum which in turn allowed radical terrorist groups (such as Isis) to move in.

Also the nuclear deal he made with Iran was not met with the same optimism back home in the states, with polls showing that over 50% of the country disapproved of the deal that was made. This was due to the fact that the deal made was heavily in favor of Iran with Iran receiving an absurd amount of money, a waiting period of 24 days before inspectors can set foot in any uranium enrichment facility, and the deal in no way restricts Iran’s ability to develop it’s long range ballistic missiles which could be used to deliver a nuclear weapon. Overall Obama was neither a good nor bad president, in the end he was just an idealist who did not live up to a lot of his promises.

The current Trump administration is doing a generally successful job so far. It’s refreshing to see a politician following through on their campaign platform with such quickness and enthusiasm. Also Trump is making some smart moves by reaching out to the minority community in the United States assuring them that he has their issues at heart and recently minority job unemployment has reached a historical national low. Then he made several diplomatically savvy maneuvers by meeting with U.S. allies around the globe (such as the prime minister of Japan) and assuring them of the U.S. commitment to fully support and protect them. Domestically Trump is keeping to his word by working with republican officials in order to implement a one trillion dollar infrastructure bill and has successfully renegotiated the NAFTA trade treaty with Mexico and Canada (now called U.S.M.C.A).  Then he has gotten ICE to crack down on illegal immigration throughout the country including several hundred illegals with criminal backgrounds being already deported.

Despite all this success it is startling to see the media’s overwhelming assault on Trump, with a constant series of negative attacks. Looking past the media’s one sided view, many throughout the nation are taken aback by the democrat’s unprecedented reaction to the trump administration, from blocking his cabinet picks to saying trump is not their president or legitimate leader.  However there has been some legitimate areas of concern with his cabinet picks, some of which seem under-qualified for the positions they are filling and also security breaches in regards to sensitive information being leaked from the white house which could possible damage the country. Also it is concerning that certain officials in the white house have had communications with Russian officials without the president’s knowledge and that sensitive information from the white house was leaked to the press hurting the administration. Despite these minor bumps in the road I still remain cautiously optimistic of the current Trump administration due to what he has accomplished so far.