Impeach! Impeach! Impeach! This is the battle cry the American public has been hearing from both the Democrat base and midterm candidates alike ever sense Donald Trump became our 45th President. For the past year and a half we have seen large demonstrations in the streets, the news media running a 24/7 negative cycle about the presidents alleged misdeeds, and Democrat candidates threatening to launch articles of impeachment in order to remove the president from office. However during her CNN town hall top Democrat Nancy Pelosi surprised many in the Democrat base when she made the following statement on impeaching President Trump, “I have hesitated to use impeachment. People wanted me to impeach President (George W.) Bush for going into Iraq. And they impeached President (Bill) Clinton. We — I — there is an investigation. If it takes its course, let it take its course. But I do not think that impeachment is a policy agenda.”. This statement means that Pelosi is taking impeaching President Trump off the Democrat agenda ahead of the midterm elections this coming fall.

The reason for the Democrat establishment to suddenly flip the script is because they have seen the obvious truth. Impeachment is a losing issue.  The calls to impeach the president are linked to the ongoing Russia investigation where the FBI special counsel (lead by Mueller) is investigating alleged ties between the 2016 Trump campaign and the Russian government. The president’s critics have also accused him of colluding directly with the Russians to sabotage the 2016 election. However there has been no evidence proving the president is guilty of any of these crimes or allegations. This brings us to present day where no progress has been made in the investigation and public opinion is increasingly growing against its continuation. What people want now is their elected officials to focus on the real issues that effect and (if reformed correctly) could improve their daily lives. However this sudden reversal is not a dramatic shift of Democrat agenda policy but a calculated election strategy for the 2018 midterm. For the last year and a half Democrats across the board (including Nancy Pelosi) have been on the anti-Trump bed wagon, calling for his impeachment , being very critical of him (especially in the media) at every turn, and supporting base popular policies such as abolishing ICE. This was done intentionally in order to cement negative attitudes in the general public against Trump and energize the Democrat base for the midterm elections. Now the Democrat establishment is trying to shift back to the center making promises of bipartisanship and working to make a better America for everyone, playing the peace maker while they were the ones who stoked the flames in the first place. Their support for policies such as impeachment, and abolishing ICE had nothing to do with passing policy, it had everything to do with the elections. It had to do with gaining power. However there is dissension in the Democrat ranks against the establishments change in course.

A coalition of house Democrats lead by Texas Representative Al Green have promised to push for Articles of Impeachment regardless of Pelosi’s or the rest of the Democrat leadership’s stance on the issue. “Every member of the House is accorded the opportunity to bring up impeachment,” Green said on C-SPAN. “This is not something that the Constitution has bestowed upon leadership. It is something that every member has the right and privilege of doing.”. Green has publicly stated that he and his fellow Democrats will try and launch impeachment articles again if there is a “blue wave” this midterm and the Democrats manage to retake the house this fall. On May 30th Green tweeted a message denouncing the president and added the hashtag #ImpeachmentIsNotDead. This would be the congressman’s second attempt at launching impeachment articles. For it was just last November that Al Green and 59 other house Democrats attempted to pass a resolution that would launch Articles of Impeachment against President Trump. However the bill was tabled via bipartisan opposition with both house Republicans and Democrats (including Pelosi) voting in opposition. This growing divide in the Democrat party does not bode well for the embattled minority leader, for if her party does not regain seats in both houses in the midterms then not only could she lose her leadership role in the house but also risk slipping into political irrelevance in her own party.