Cruz-Trump kerfuffle reminds me of a story.

I can’t help but notice that Trump, after months and months of handling the media and rising above every “error” suddenly steps in it and it is all anyone can talk about. Two weeks before Christmas, with people busy shopping Trump blows it big time and all anyone can talk about is Trump’s big mistake. Everyone. Every single commentator, newspaper and blog is fixated on the Cruz-Trump kerfuffle. Two weeks before Christmas.

This reminds me of a story. There is this little town, in the heart of an agriculture and mining region. The two main businesses were competing hardware stores that catered to commercial and residential needs, from plow shares to toasters. These two stores were directly across from each other, and the owners hadn’t spoken for decades to each other over some perceived offense. They fought out this feud by undercutting each other on the most popular items in their inventory. The owners died within months of each other. The real estate agent was the first one to find the tunnel. Turns out, there was no feud, just smart marketing. Instead of the weather, or what crops were doing, people would leave church talking about what those crazy hardware guys were cooking up next to get even each other. I am sure you realize by now that the tunnel ran under the street and the partners, and that is what they were, put on a great show that dominated gossip.

Which brings me to Cruze-Trump. It is ten days before Christmas, nobody is interested in politics, and if anything can take their mind off the holidays there is the global warming agreement, murder and mayhem in California, and Obama out there trying to steal your second amendment rights with his pen and phone.

But what is everyone talking about? They are talking about the Cruze-Trump kerfuffle. ONE DAY BEFORE THE GOP DEBATE that no one would care about at all otherwise this time of year.

You can’t buy that kind of publicity.

Go figure.