Proof of concept: They are all afraid of Obama.

It was a bad idea for Boehner to “resign” in the way he did. He wanted to damage the Republicans. Otherwise he could have handled it differently. But for people like Boehner it is all about their personal power. He could have just as easily called for a vote of confidence and accepted the results. Better process. But then that is the other problem with Boehner, if Democrat’s don’t define the process he is clueless about what he should focus on, or do.

But the real problem is nearly everyone serving in Congress falls into one of two categories. Those that are afraid of Obama and want to avoid coming to the attention of evil eye in Mordor, and those that are afraid of Obama and survive by do Obama’s bidding. Hence the scramble to avoid the spot light.

The most important thing in the next speaker of the house is not to be afraid to challenge Obama. Obama is a hot house flower. Watching Russia and China clean Obama’s clock it should be apparent that when challenged Obama responds by scheduling another round of golf. We need someone that can stand up to him, that is not vulnerable to his illegal use of administrative power, someone that isn’t going to wilt under an illegal IRS probe or any other three character bureaucratic misuse of power.

I just don’t know how we can find someone like that, at least not among elected officials. Too bad we can’t hire someone that isn’t a congressman. I know that technically that could be done. But it won’t. So the question then becomes who will give up their attempt at a nomination and take the role. And is there anyone in the remaining low scoring candidates who wants to separate from the pack, even if it means giving up his or her chance as President this year.

I don’t have an answer. But the problems Republicans are having over this simple problem, selecting someone that will stand up to Obama and use the power of Congress to reign Obama’s excesses, shows that there is a fundamental problem with Republican party. It serves the powers in Washington, whoever that is, and not the Republican voters. It is good this is happening now, because I don’t think the country can afford another Obama Republican president.

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