Looking for answers in HillaryGate?

Hillary set up an illegal server. She claims never to have read any classified materials. What did she do all those years? Lounge on the beach. Even if she didn’t read anything, and quite honestly I can believe it, she still set up a honey pot server and the world had access to America’s top secrets. Who knows what else they gained from this info. And erasing the drive, if it was done well only prevents us from knowing who hacked the damn thing. The emails will have left traces on other servers, and computers, in files cabinets.

So let me ask you this. Hillary worked for Obama, right. He appointed her. She reported to him. Obama is sworn to protect the country. Obama is Hillary’s boss, and that means he was responsible for insuring that she followed the rules. At least his rules. She couldn’t make up her own foreign policy. She couldn’t make up her own definition of security. Obama was responsible to manage these affairs.

Why are we not asking questions of the President, how he could be so careless. He had to have known. After all he knows everything better than anyone, he had to have known this email from Clinton was not safe. Want to get to the bottom of this fast. Bring Obama up on charges of failure to enforce the law on his own appointees. Nothing like the threat of impeachment to make him shake the tree out and get rid of the bad apples.

I mean really, couldn’t he settle for 200 rounds of golf? And put a little time into doing his job.

The person responsible for this breach of security is Obama. The person that did it is Clinton. We need to go after Obama for this, as long as we don’t end up with Biden as President bringing Obama under control a little at this point in his Presidency might make governing easier for the next President