Governor Bush's diary "lets not rock the boat"

I am glad to see that Governor Bush’s staff posted a statement here. He made his case for reigning in spending and holding bureaucrats accountable. But I have some concerns.
He sounds like someone OK with big government, someone who thinks we should tweak it, but not break it.
I don’t see anything about repealing ObamaCare, protecting citizens from the damaged caused by unrestrained immigration, and dealing with the threat of Islamic Imperialism either here in our country or abroad.

Personally I think we would be better off with someone that says “look, Obama has abused and expanded the power of the Oval Office until it isn’t recognizable any more. We are no longer a nation of laws, but a nation ruled by Presidential decrees. Well I am going to use that power to fix what is broken, then restore the rule of law. But Governor Bush didn’t say that. Governor Bush could have said I am going to write a presidential directive that eliminates 30% of the workforce and create a small bureau of six people to review anyone that comes under complaint or who the media thinks might be responsible for a missed objective and get rid of them all. Governor Bush might have said he would rather fire half the staff and get rid of the bad apples then let one bad apple spoil the bunch. After all working for the people is a privilege, not a right, but then Governor Bush didn’t say that either.

Governor Bush didn’t say anything that would rock the boat. He didn’t say anything that proves he is ready and able to take on the media, and Democrats, and Obama Republicans, the entrenched bureaucracy, or the powerful special interests of the teachers unions, SEIU or government unions. But he wants to reduce the size of government through attrition. The only person willing to talk about the difficult challenges America is facing isn’t a politician. We all know what that guy is like, but between you and me I don’t know how you become a hard task master respected and feared by your employees and capable of firing people and reducing the size of the workforce without becoming, well, disliked by most people and reviled by everyone else. And becoming this hard task manager is one of the things Governor Bush is promising. Governor Bush obviously didn’t pick up his trump card yet.

I am happy that Governor Bush was given a chance to distance himself from his image
But he still comes off as the insider’s choice who won’t rock the boat.

What follows is my response to his post. After review, I think it merits inclusion as a diary.

Thank you Governor Bush

I do disagree. The only way to change the culture in Washington is to call a convention of states and repeal the 16th and 17th amendments. Then without money you can cut them to the bone, let the states manage their own affairs,
If you are serious about changing the culture in Washington, and not just another ruling class elitist capitalizing on your family inheritance, you will support the repeal.

The Bush family doesn’t really have a great track record on spending reduction or tax reduction. I know this is not your fault. And even if you could find a way to hold the bureaucrats accountable without creating a new bureaucracy to manage the existing bureaucracy, the focus misses the problem completely.

The problem is that the IRS, EPA, OPM, HEW, shouldn’t exist in the first place. But again you can’t do this without creating a bureaucracy to dismantle the bureaucracy and we all know that the bureaucracy expands to feed the expanding needs of the bureaucracy. Even with the best of intentions your ability will be limited.

As for making Congress accountable, I am concerned you are not paying attention. .Republican voters are angry with Obama Republicans. Boehner and McConnell have destroyed any hope you have of selling voters on the idea that you will hold them accountable. They funded the country without cutting spending in a last minute spending package after the election before the new Congress could be seated to avoid responsibility. They wrote an exemption into the law so that ObamaCare doesn’t apply to them or the rest of the federal work force. Obama Republicans Boehner and McConnell used their wealth to attack conservatives, rather than defeat Democrats. Or we might just have a super majority. And to be honest, you don’t strike me as being an outsider to the Republican leadership. Your credibility is strained when you suggest that you would make Congress accountable, when it seems pretty obvious you are the beltway insiders choice.

But if you want a suggestion, pass sunset law, not a sunshine law. What good is a sunshine law when Congress has to pass a bill to know what is in it. What does that mean, that the President gets to implement it before we know what the law is? So pass a sunset bill so that all regulations passed by Congress expire by the end of the first year of a new Congressional session. That will keep Congress busy, get rid of bad bills, get rid of scope creep and cut the growth of bureaucracy.

Thank you again Governor Bush for posting here. As a member of one of the elite ruling families,I find it hard to take your promise to change the culture of Washington seriously even though I realize you can’t choose your parents. But it is the cards you have been dealt. And there is an old saying. Fool me once (no new taxes) shame on you, fool me twice (reformer with real results) shame on me. Can you see a pattern here?

Federalist, Conservative.
Republican turned independent, driven out of the party by the antics and attitudes of Boehner and McConnell.

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