Cause and effect. Why we need a constitutional convention

Headline today on the drudge report

FEMA toys with denying disaster funds for states that doubt global warming…

Headline in the Washington Times article that links to is

FEMA targets climate change skeptic governors, could withhold funding

New rules put Rick Scott, Bobby Jindal, Chris Christie, Pat McCrory, Greg Abbott in bind

The typical reaction is that we need more government intervention to protect us against this kind of government intervention. Or, we need to elect conservatives that will shrink the size of government.

The real problem is that Washington should not have this money.

This headline makes very clear exactly what the is the cause of the danger to the citizens of the United States posed by the federal government. We send too much money to the beltway and have given up effective control over what they can do with it. It is our tax money that the federal government is threatening to withhold from some of us.
They are using that money to make people “stay in their place”.

It is no different in education, where the federal government returns money to the states, collected from the citizens of those states, and attaches strings. I could go on, but you get the point. The problem is that the federal government wants to dictate how we should raise our children, educate the young, treat our environment, live our life, pay for our healthcare, practice our faith or restrict we can eat.

Washington has money that belongs to us, and they use it to coerce state governments into compliance.

This is Democrat segregation at work. After separating people into groups the first tool was access to opportunity. Democrat governments and the well to do they represented controlled access to money and jobs. If you stepped out of line you were denied employment, denied access to funding, credit was cut off and business were shunned. For those that failed to be swayed there was incarceration. Work gangs. And finally there was violence and murder as intimidation. This is how the Democrats created the Jim Crow south and this is what the Democrats along with the Obama Republicans are doing to America. Look at how the Democrats under Obama are abusing the power of the federal government, the central bank, the justice department.

It all comes down to who controls the money. If the states collected the taxes and kept everything except the bare minimum needed to fund the proper functions of Washington, there would not be all that money laying around for the beltway nobility to us to coerce states in to staying where they belong. Washington should not hold both the carrot and the stick.

The answer is not more politicians or more contributions or more conservatives. At least not alone. The most important part of fixing the problem is to restore the balance of power between the states and the beltway nobility. Calling a convention of states eliminating the 16th and 17th amendments so that taxation is state based and budgeting is controlled by the state’s interests, not K street lobbyists and out of control house of lords in the beltway parliament.

Without the ability to directly tax individual citizens of the states, the federal government would have to apportion taxes among the states, making the governor of each state the target of that effort. But the governor of the state would have the power to control the purse strings. Through the appointed Senators each state has an equal control over federal spending. This is what makes a Republic. The states were and should again be self governing.

I am all for electing more conservative representation at least in the state where I will choose to live. I just think it is a waste of time to focus on electing conservatives if we are not going to take the credit card away from the beltway nobility who do not accept that we are permitted to be self governed.