Stop complaining and do something to fix the constitution**

Leadership, it is a topic filling this site as never before. Lack of leadership or disappointment in leadership dominates the conservative/republican oriented web sites across the web. We are obsessed with just how bad our leadership is behaving, and how little they give us in return for our support. We call Boehner and McConnell names and they still ignore us. But would good is calling a man like Boehner who has risen to third in line to the throne of the executive mansion by openly crying in public. Do you think we can shame him? All this talk about what our representatives inside the belt way should do is nothing more than a waste of time. Progressives have a long term plan that ends in a powerful monarch, dictatorship, or ruling oligarchy and restores the nobility and aristocracy to their 18th century influence in the halls of government.

There is no power on earth that can make the beltway nobility listen to the masses complaining about their conditions and grief except the power of the purse. The beltway nobles are nothing if they don’t have money. And it is not realistic to expect that the beltway leaches who get fat on appropriations will willing reduce the flow in any meaningful way. Rather, they would prefer to embrace the traditional Democrat standard operating policy of pitting groups against each other in orchestrated competition. Violence, desperation, and opportunities are manipulated by the Democrats to line their pockets and keep themselves in power and all people segregated into groups cowering in fear beside “their kind”, like sheep in scattered flocks. Obama Republicans understand what the Democrats are doing and are perfectly willing to pretend to be the “opposing force” in order line their own pockets.

The only way to win the beltway nobility game is to choose not to play.

For fifty years or more conservatives have struggled to stem the tides of progressive movement. Do we want to win back our liberty, or do we want to go to our graves proud of how we have followed the rules but were cheated out of our heritage? This is the critical decision we have to ask ourselves, right now. We have painted the map red with our votes. What is the point if in spite of all that success we cannot influence a beltway nobility that no more cares about our plight than the houses of lords and commons under King John?

I believe in God, I believe in God’s grace and Jesus’ sacrifice, and I believe that God never shuts a door but He opens a window, What I don’t believe in is coincidence. In a life time of experience I have been surprised to always be given a window whenever a door of opportunity has been shut or locked. And I never been worthy.

Could it be a coincidence that at this very moment in time as President Obama declares “we are expanding my powers” that our own efforts have painted the map red with the highest number of Republican held state legislative seats since 1920? That is a “big picture” window opening on our expanding powers to resolve these issues ourselves. Are we looking in the right direction for liberty and self reliance or have we dulled our senses beating our heads against a locked door?

Our problem today isn’t that the beltway nobility doesn’t listen to our petitions. The founders expected this would happen. The problem is we are looking for someone else to change the course, rather than relying on ourselves. In this way we have become as dependent on hand outs from the beltway nobility as anyone on government subsidy, and our pleas no different than any other special interest, except we are a cheap date. Bought off with the nothing more than a promise that if we will play their game they will restore our liberty. A cheap date no less dependent on a hand out from smooth talking charlatans than any liberal constituency.

Are we now afraid to take the risks and assume the responibilities that come with self reliance? Isn’t that what we say separates us from liberals?

Lets look out the “big picture” window and see what we can achieve without the help of the beltway nobility, huddled in their fortress in Washington DC.

Here is where we can start*
Due to the great success of conservatives, and T.E.A initiatives the map of the states looks like this.
Legislatures: 30 R, 11 D and 8 split
Chambers: 68 R, 30 D
Governors: 31 R, 18 D and 1 undecided independent (Alaska)
State governments: 23 R, 7 D, 18 divided
Another thing to consider, which could be a good indicator of future support from liberal allies is that only 14 states set up full state based Obamacare Health care exchanges. That leaves 36 states in some sort of compromise or rejection of the beltway nobility commandments. It only takes 34 states call a convention or pass an amendment .

No organization, or group of advocates is better positioned than RedState.com and the RSG is to guide us from these dark days of dependency on the beltway nobility into the light self reliance, leading the country from the slavery of progressivism into the promised “land of liberty”. Fifty years ago, when social conservatives first plotted their design to undo the damage Democrats and progressive socialism were doing to America they never considered the possibility that they would be in a position to fix the constitution without fear of sabotage during the process. But today, that complete destruction of our liberty is well underway and we have in our grasp the ability to do what they never envisioned possible.

But we need a venue and a leader. For these tasks, RedState.com is perfectly positioned to be the venue where we explore opportunities, create a plan for victory, and vet our potential leaders. What could be better? And with the help of the moderators, like Streiff, Bill S, or Moe, along with all the Front Page contributors and the Red State family this is as good a place as there is to define success, evolve a plan to achieve that success and even to identify the leader who will get us to and through the process.

There is no better place to present the strategy and plan then the RSG.

Or is it just a coincidence that RedState.com, the RSG have become a powerful voice at this crucial time in our country’s evolution?

Personally, I don’t believe in coincidences. What do you think?

* Data from the web site of the National Conference of State Legislators.

** Yes, I changed the title. A reaction to all the whining and crying about what we can’t get handed to us from those meanies in Washington makes no sense to me, when we have the keys to the castle within our grasp