"People need to make smart decisions" mayor tells imprisoned New Yorkers

Snow storms, real not imagined by the media,  have sunk more than one big city mayor. We may be watching the failure of socialist oppression in New York as May De Blasio tells people to stay indoors. In his infinite progressive wisdom, he processed the information from experts and announced that according to the experts this will most likely be one of the largest blizzards in the history of New York.

The experts and Mayor De Blasio could not have been more wrongheaded. De Blasio comes off as a pompous, ignorant thug right out of the old soviet union style of thick headed bureaucrat. The first reaction of the America’s big city socialist mayor is to place the entire city population under house arrest. Instead of focusing on keeping the city running in the face of what turns out to be a run of the mill weather event he walls off the border, closing the bridges, shutting down mass transit, and threatens to fine anyone caught outside. Governor Cuomo helped.

When mayor De Blasio says it is not time for “businesses to be cheap”, he wants business to pay for his decision to shut down the city. What city does De Blasio think he is running, Stalingrad? People move to the city for a lot of reasons but among the most important is the high level of services, convenience, and availability of reliable public transportation. New York is known as the city that never sleeps. In part because businesses must work round the clock to keep fresh foods and other goods on the shelves. Space is expensive and limited in New York, getting goods into the back room and keeping the shelve is a continuous round the clock effort.  Customer’s can only carry so much with them on their commute and small daily purchases are the  practical solution for many who carry them home, especially those fresh foods liberals think are the cure for whatever ails you.

This weather turned out to be nothing exceptional considering New York is not located on the equator. Some snow every winter should be expected.  New York like any city in the north east should be able to keep a 15-18″ of snow from shutting down major arteries and public transportation. Handling small amounts up to 8-10″ and keeping everything open and running should be routine. It is only when the amounts of snow get so large that there isn’t room to stack it and still clear major arteries that a dangerous emergency situation exists. Or in situations where you are facing several back to back blizzards that have exhausted your resources and ability to recover.  A quick scan of the Times Square camera shows the sidewalks are clear, the road has a small amount of snow, and a total absence of snow mounds to indicate any large scale snow removal effort. Because there isn’t at a large amount of snow build up, at least not yet. When ice melt can clear the side walk the snow is not a threat.

If I lived in the city of New York I would be furious. I missed a day of work because and I can’t go outside? My employer can’t do business. My boss and my coworkers can’t get into the city because the public transportation and bridges are closed. Business won’t be able to get stock to replace what was bought before the storm which means it could be days before things are back to normal. The distribution pipeline is empty since nothing can move into the city further exasperating the recovery. I would be furious to know I elected a progressive/socialist mayor whose first thought is to confine me to house arrest,  taking away my freedom and income while collecting the highest taxes in the nation for services. Services I would expect to be utilized to keep the city running under all but the most extreme circumstances. This whole “lets keep moving” propaganda thing popularized by Obama and the Democrats takes on a whole new meaning. There is time and money to concentrate on eliminating Big Gulps and enforce silly cigarette restrictions that cost people their lives but not enough money to understand, plan for, and  handle a run of the mill winter weather. This is the Snow Job of 2015.

I am anxious to see if the New York voters, Wall Street, big businesses, and the wealthy (foreign and domestic) condo owners take De Blasio out behind the wood shed for an attitude adjustment. Not that I expect the main stream media to cover the Mayor’s failure. After all they are invested in socialism. They are also invested in Climate Change/Global Warming.

So don’t expect the main stream media to make the connection between the experts false alarms about routine winter weather in New York within days of the first snowfall and the assumed infallibility of these same experts to be accurately forecast causes and effects of alleged global warming.

The voters of New York should heed Mayor De Blasio’s advice. People need to make smart decisions. They should start in the voting booth with smarter decisions.