Is it time to push the reset button on 100 years of progressive government corruption?

I know that Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State pushed the reset button on our foreign policy only to see everything go to Hades.  That didn’t work out so well. The world war is growing, much of the west is being conquered by various elements of the Islamic Empire, and the true religious nature of the World War is becoming obvious. The Islamic Imperialist forces that were held in check by the PAX Americana since 1945 have returned to continue their millennium old quest for world domination. This is the result of Clinton’s reset, and Obama’s ideology. Here at home we are witnessing the rise of the ruling elite, denied their self defined place by the founders populist ideals, they have wormed their way back into our lives and taken over our institutions. While there is little that we, citizens of the various states can do about the current world war we have it in our power to push the reset button on the ruling elite who have kidnapped our government.

It is time for a constitutional convention. We do not need the Federal government to approve a convention, only the approval of enough states. The president is not involved at all. There may be enough states controlled by Republicans to call the convention, but it is highly likely that many liberal states do approve of the growing, oppressive aristocratic ruling elite in Washington and will gladly join in support of the convention.

There are many ideas for new amendments. There is the call for a balanced budget amendment, for defining marriage, for clarifying rights, or giving new entitlements. But all of these will require approval by the same 2/3 majority of states. Not of the population but of the states themselves. Delaware and California each get one vote and only one vote. So if the majority of states are controlled by Republicans no amendment that expands government will be approved. The trick will be to write each amendment with a narrow focus. Repeal the 16th and 17th amendment, define a default marriage standard, define a standard for life that allows states to protect the unborn. Keeping one thing in mind. Strong fences make good neighbors. In exchange for protecting each state the right to pass their own version of laws on marriage and the protection of the unborn, each state must allow other states to define these things differently.

It won’t solve every problem. Some states will not protect the unborn, or the default definition of marriage, but the amendments would prevent special interest groups from using federal power to impose their undesirable laws upon states that do protecting the unborn or define marriage as a by traditional terms. This would be achieved in part by building strong fences between the states and against federal abuse of power, but just as importantly by taking away the power of taxation from the Washington ruling elite. If we are willing to seek liberty and self rule the way our founders intended we could greatly improve the strength of this country.

This time Clinton won’t be happy with pushing reset, so it should work. It’s time to push the reset button on progressive undermining of the constitution.