Boehner, your omnibus spending bill is a crime against conservatives.

Speaker Boehner,
Please don’t be upset because we think you are a squish and are no conservative. Things change, well some things change anyway. We couldn’t change Obama Republican control of Congress. But when it comes to being a conservative, no one, and I mean no one that voted for the omnibus spending bill in December is a conservative. Any leader involved in bringing this bill to the table before the new congress was sworn in was a traitor to the conservative cause. What ever you may have been you are an Obama Republican, a squish, and being dishonest with yourself. You are no conservative. No matter what your record was when you became speaker. No matter how many meaningless “statement” bills you brought to the floor to run up your conservative score. You are a spendthrift liberal Obama Republican. Not a conservative.

You are like a thief who reaches the age of 30 without ever getting caught committing a crime, then is convicted of stealing. Claiming a record of 10950 days of law abiding peace doesn’t make the thief a law abiding citizen. One crime makes a criminal. And no matter what your record, the fact that you allowed the omnibus bill come to vote, makes you are a Liberal Obama Republican squish. Nothing you ever did can change this one thing. Being pro-life alone does not make a conservative and no one that voted to pass a bill that includes funding for ObamaCare can claim to be pro-life, or any kind of conservative. Not a fiscal conservative, not a social conservative. You prevented the incoming Republicans the chance to vote on 2009 spending. We elected the most powerful Republican delegation in Washington since before the the great depression and you stole their opportunity to speak for us. That is not conservative, that is despicable.

I don’t know if Obama has something on you to cow you into submission, or if you are just another ruling class elite sacrificing the peasants and their energy and wealth for your elitist ruling agenda. No better than those lords who thought they could abuse our founders right to self government and make them pay for their the their imperial ambitions.

Two years from now the best thing we can do to protect the future of this country is vote you out of office. A Democrat in your seat would be no worse, and at least that person couldn’t pretend to be a conservative.