Micro Education centers. A pillar for the urban agenda.

I understand that there is an election next week. It is too late for conservatives, federalists, tea party patriots, or radical Republicans to develop and benefit from an as of yet undefined urban agenda. But one of the problems with conservatives, and Republicans in general is that outside a few political junkies the will go away for the next two years, expecting that in a couple months before the 2016 election to find the magic spell to win the Oval Office and save the country. So, while they are here, it is time to look forward and give them something to do in the meantime.  We have seen the video message from Chicago activits Paul McKinley, Mark Carter Joseph Watkins and Harold “Noonie” Ward. The question is how do we answer this question? Do we allow Democrats to react to and adapt to this changing reality. I don’t think the Democrats can, but instead will double down on the repression that the video describes. But simply saying vote Republican doesn’t offer a reason to vote either. For one thing, too many of us think that the oppressed urban constituencies actually are happy with the government hand outs. The Chicago Activists Unchained video puts a lie to that excuse. Complaining about the Democrats handouts and it’s control over the lives of the urban communities is not an excuse to stand by and do nothing. But the question becomes what to do.

There is one area where the should not be an controversy, that is education. The Democrat controlled education industrial complex exists not to benefit the students, but as an employment program for liberal/progressives, a pork barrel under Democrat control and a fund raising vehicle for Democrat politicians. What weakens the Educational Industrial Complex in the urban environment weakens Democrats and empowers urban constituencies.

Micro-education center concept is a new idea on delivering extensible home schooling opportunities to small community groups. Whether it is a parent providing schooling to their child, neighbor down the block that watches a few children for others as well the micro education center allows those children to remain in the safety of their neighborhood while gaining the proven advantages of home schooling results. Since the solution is extensible, churches, neighborhood community organizations, or local residents could band together to provide the modern equivalent of the “one room” school house where children of urban neighborhoods could safely and confidently gain the education they need to lead productive, successful lives. The same resources needed to support a single home schooling location with one or a few students can be used by a community center that might have dozens of students and adult volunteers. There is potential for communities to use compensated adults as well, expanding the possibilities.

What is needed to make this a pillar of the new urban agenda is a support structure for the educational and delivery components, and commitment of money, boots and lawyers to stand up to the entrenched Democrat political machine that will not willing give up this revenue and vote generating opportunity.

How do we start?

Create a an “A” team of paid community organizers in support of Micro Educational Centers. Reach out to the community activists and identify recent college graduates from the community to begin the process of developing a community based organization. Give them the training the need to effectively organize, the resources they need to achieve results, and the support they need to defend the inevitable Democrat attacks. It will take time, perhaps more than one presidential cycle, but the power to take back control of education is a motivating factor for all except the privileged few who have employment in the system. The good news is new children are born every day and new parents are looking at that first day of school every year.

How does it grow?

The community organizers will define the path for the Micro Education centers in their community. Some communities, the poorest,  may need additional resources so that the children can succeed. We know the charitable and other organizations that can provide these solutions. Other communities with more resources need only help fighting the Democrats and city hall. While the curriculum will be common to all participants, the direction of the growth will be driven by the needs of the community, as education should be structured. In order to achieve an economic element the agenda should focus on vouchers or other means of tying education dollars to the child not the school district.

What is the benefit.

Breaking the stranglehold of Democrats in urban environments means improved political prospects for other political parties across the entire country. School vouchers would benefit everyone, and undermining the Democrat resistance to these in urban centers would make passage more likely. Charter schools are a well supported education ideal that would benefit by the political chances. Weakening of the liberal/Progressive control over higher education could result in changes either in the way higher education is delivered, or in the availability of alternative schools, or changes in the universities themselves. Indirect benefits include anything that is possible if Democrat have less financial support, less voter support, and less influence in the Federal Government. Reductions in debt, reductions in the bureaucracy, reductions in regulation.

How do we start?

Someone needs to embrace the Micro Education Concept as a means to change the urban environment. We need to define a set of national policies that will make the goal attainable. These include eliminating road blocks and sources of power for the Democrats. Removing federal influence over education is an appropriate goal. Isolating the department of Education and taking it out of the Health and Welfare departments would be a step towards shrinking it. Developing a response team to show up at city hall meetings in support of parents trying to get approvals would go along way. The tea party proved they can do this if motivated. Finally we need to develop the coordinated approach including media, legal talent, communications and political action center.


This is a simple concept with the potential to change the urban landscape. The direction it grows will be defined by the constituencies that benefit. But it will be resisted and we need to stand with those willing to speak out for a new direction against the inevitable backlash. We need to provide some outside resources to build momentum and prove that we can deliver services that the community needs. We need to stand with them to fight their city hall.  The Micro Education Center is one aspect of a multiple part strategy to help urban constituencies help themselves to a better future. If we are going to win their votes, we have to earn their trust. Rhetoric alone will not bring them out but then a turkey every election time won’t cut it either for the Democrats. Other components of the Urban may be more controversial, but on education I believe we can make a start, make inroads into the communities and build a base of grass routs community organizers and organizations pushing people to support alternatives to the “no jobs, bad education, and hopeless future” the urban communities have been shackled to by  Democrats

We need to start talking about this, as soon as the election is over, not just before the next election. We need the boots on the ground this year, and next so that the future is visible in the urban environment before the Democrats react and swallow up supporters of the activist request for change.