Obama needs 34 million work permits for what?

Katie Pavlich of Townhall reports that Obama Plans Executive Action By Giving 34 Million Work Visas to Illegal Immigrants

Lets look at what this means
Writing under bragging rights in the daily beast daily beast, Michael Tomasky calculates that the economy has created created between 3.7 and 4.5 million jobs during the term of the Obama administration. (He leaves out the 800000 jobs lost January of 2009 which is why I include the lower number.) Lets take this at face value because the important issue is to establish some numbers recognized by liberals that make Obama look good so we can analyze the president’s decision to provide 34 million new work permits and put that number in perspective.

Let me say that I agree with Tomasky when he states that it is the “economy not the President” that creates the jobs. But we know that it is the president exclusively that deserves the criticism for even considering giving 34 million foreign workers not legally authorized to be in this country new work permits.

Lets look at the numbers.
34 million work permits is 7.5 to 10 times the amount of jobs created according to Tomasky in the 6.5 years of the Obama Administration (the post was published on July 4 2014). At Obama’s rate of new job creation that Tomasky celebrates as outstanding it will take 49 to 65 years to absorb these workers.

Of course, some of them are already employed in this country. Lets use that 11-12 million figure that the government says are actually here now as a starting point. That 11-12 million is more than 3 or 4 times the number of new jobs the economy has created since the Obama Administration was created 6 1/2 years ago. That will take somewhere between 20 and 25 years to offset with new jobs, using Tomasky’s job creation rates for the economy under the Obama administration.

And what kinds of jobs are these? Lots of different sources say the majority of jobs created are low pay or part time work. Well clearly all of the new jobs then could have been absorbed by foreign nationals and there still is a glut of foreign and domestic workers.  Maybe this is why the job growth seems so anemic, because the only jobs being added are being added only because there are foreign nationals here illegally willing to work for poor wages even in part time jobs. Maybe there is no job growth without them. Either way there has been no job growth for American citizens and there might not be for another generation if Obama issues 34 million new work permits.

Why 34 million?
How did the numbers get inflated from 11-12 million here in the country that “can’t be repatriated” to 34 million needed permits? Are these employed here illegally and the government has been covering it up,  or is it only the 11 to 12 million that has been used commonly by government officials that are actually here? Either way it does make it appear that all the job growth since 2008 has been swallowed up by foreign nationals.

Where are the extra 20 Million or so?Is that 20 million people here that the administration has been lying about or are they work permits for people that the Obama administration is planning on bring in after he signs the order? Is this to cover all the friends and relatives of the 11 million here, or is it to allow Obama to raid the universities around the world for high tech workers that his rich silicon valley friends want? That would make Obama real popular with the K street lobbyists, and of course McConnell and Boehner’s gang of Obama Republicans who would bask in that same light depending of course on personal skills level and countries of origin. Or is Obama thinking he can further fundamentally change the country by offering 20 million new work permits to some select group of disadvantaged poor in Africa or the Middle East? My  concern is that these 20 million permits are for people that are not yet here but that Obama wants to make legal as they arrive.

Anyway you look at it the Obama administration policies will never absorb that many people without causing terrible disruption and drive American’s into an extended period economic stagnation. Unless you are one of Obama’s favored 1%’ers, those Wall Street and Hollywood types that love him more than life itself. Those willing and able to pay $30,000 or more to have dinner with him and swoon over him. What exactly does Gwyenth Paltrow and Rich Richman stand to gain from this move? That is what I want to know.


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