It's BACK! Obama Republicans try Dem's "dirty tricks" to pass this unwanted legislation

From what I can see, the leadership of the Obama Republicans have been conferring with their two most important alies, Nancy Pelosi and Barrack Obama. This is a dirty trick right out of Pelosi’s hand bag. BrightBart BigGoverment website is reporting:


The report leads off with an angry quote from what I suspect will be a sorry Republican

Democrats wants the votes and Republicans want cheap labor. They didn’t want to do anything with it, now they’re going to wait until the last minute? – Michigan Rep. Kerry Bentivolio

Republicans want cheap labor? Our labor participation rate is the lowest it has been since the baby boomers started working, wages have been flat or declining and it looks like there might actually be some job growth, not enough but some, so Republicans want to suppress wages? Seriously, who are these people? Right OBAMA REPUBLICANS, lead by the Obama Republican in Chief John Boehner.

Obama Republican leader John Boehner’s first Pelosi style dirty trick: Let everyone think it is over and head home, then call them back.

In the meeting, most Republicans expressed support for figuring out some way – any way – to pass a bill that is widely expected to go nowhere but was hoped to give the GOP a political advantage over the recess.
“Everybody wanted to stay and everybody wanted to get to 218,” said Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK), an ally of Boehner’s.

This is the plan: “pass a bill that is widely expected to go nowhere”
Where do we get these people and how stupid are they?
Pass a bill and Harry Reed and John Boehner’s Obama Republicans will find a way to get it to committee where they will find a way to get President Obama his money. Boehner can claim it isn’t his fault to the voters, while remaining the darling of the Democrat social set. What would Obama be without a foil and Boehner knows he he won’t get beaten if he just stays in his place and does what the boss in the big house tells him to do.

Obama Republican leader John Boehner’s second Pelosi style dirty trick No one goes home until the bill gets passed.

Now they have emerged from a last minute conference meeting vowing to “stay until we vote” and planning another meeting for tomorrow morning at 9:00am, although it’s unclear what changes either to the legislative package or the support for the current one will change in the meantime.

I guess Boehner buys into the idea that we don’t pay attention. Tell everybody it’s over then wait for the talk radio hosts to go home. Then bring everybody back with the threat that they do this or stay all summer. Isn’t this exactly how Pelosi got the (Un)Affordable Health Act passed?
Oh wait there was something else which leads us to:
Obama Republican leader John Boehner’s third Pelosi style dirty trick : You got to pass the bill to see what’s in the bill

One issue that could come up is Boehner’s “three day” rule, requiring a delay between when new legislation is introduced and voted on on the House floor.
However, some lawmakers suggested the rule would not be an issue.
“You know, rules,” said Rep. Spencer Bachus (R-AL), shrugging his shoulders. “Those are procedural rules that can be waived.”

Are they kidding?

Call your representative and tell them we know exactly what Boehner is doing, it is right out of Pelosi’s play book and we didn’t elect them to be Democrats, we can elect Democrat’s to do that. Anyone that votes for this is an Obama Republican and November is coming.

You might also suggest that Speaker Boehner is either in Obama’s pocket or out of touch and must be replaced.

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