Solution to a crisis manufactured by the Chicago Mob in Washington.

Anyone that listens to talk radio knows that conservatives have big hearts, and are willing to open their pocket book for the worlds children. We support missions to feed the children across the globe. So of course the Chicago tyranny wants to use that against us. As Nancy Pelosi has declared, this is not a crisis it is an “opportunity to care for the worlds children”. This is not a random thought, this is a designed effort to put conservatives in a morale dilemma. Do we open out hearts to these children and undermine our society, our way of life and risk increasing the rate we are overwhelmed with the worlds disaffected? Or do we harden our hearts against this criminal behavior and expel them.

Obama is counting on us to hesitate. He who hesitates is lost. He is counting on the fact that many people will want to see children cared for, knowing full well that a child in this country is an anchor for every relative everywhere world. All of whom we can expect to arrive in the future. He is taking us out of our experience, as Alinsky would put it, while focusing on those issues that his base supports. We are not used to personally turning our backs on children, while his base wants open borders. We won’t like what they call us if we “don’t care” about children after they leave the womb. And Obama will use this to reinforce why he needs more power to force free abortions.

What can we do?

The answer is to move the children to the big blue cities and the big blue states. Places that can’t pay for their own high level of welfare now, places that can’t pay for their own school systems without federal money. Places where violence and gangs, and racial wars are already common place. Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC. Boston, Hartford, any sanctuary city in blue state. Let them deal with them. This will put funding pressure on the people who gave Obama the presidency and show him for the tyrant he is. Finances in the big blue cities are in dire straights. Race relations in the big cities are at their worst since George Wallace was the standard barer for Obama’s style of Democrat politics. Liberals are going to hate this. They want other people to take care of everything but not in their back yard. Nothing will more quickly sour liberals on the policies of Obama then being forced to recognize and live with the consequences. There are not supposed to be consequences in liberal utopia.

How do we do this?
There are several ways we can do this. Neighborhood organizations can provide bus tickets, and travel money. Churches can do the same. City and township governments can do the same. If there is resistance the same groups can rent or purchase “shelters” in these locations to receive, “temporarily house” and process* to release them in their new home. Flood the already desperate blue cities with Obama’s riffraff and let them deal with it. Show them what voting Democrat is costing them. Right now all these blue cities see the conservative southwest being overrun and facing the kind of problems they live with all the time. Not enough resources and too many dependent people. No jobs, at least not enough to absorb all these newcomers. So to them this is leveling the playing field. But no one gains by that. And until big blue cities voters learn to hate Washington Democrats nothing is going to change. But this crushing influx could change things. This could backfire on Obama.

It will backfire on Obama if we have the courage to keep them moving until they hit home in the big blue cities. Move along folks, here is your ticket, move along, Obama is waiting for you, Obama is not here, lets get you on a bus so you can go see Obama. He will take care of you……..


*Processing involves housing and feeding them somewhere until the next government business day. Then dropping them off at the nearest government or welfare office where they can demand care from Obama’s agents. Maybe we should print up business cards to give them saying (in a couple languages) “I am here because Obama told me I can stay so I am here to get my housing, food, education and money.