Don't get angry, get even.

  • Hope or despair.

We have a choice in November, but we do not have a plan. What we are missing is a focus. As Erick pointed out we do not have to win every election. The Obama Republicans do. So here is my plan.

We do not “punish the party” by not showing up to vote. That feeds into the Obama Republicans success. Surrendering the power to change Washington to Obama Republicans means submitting the the Obama Republicans tyranny as well. Which is the same as submitting to Obama’s will. Our problem is that we need to punish the Republican leadership for being Obama Republicans.

1. A national tea party effort to fund a conservative third party candidate to run against McConnell and Boehner. This is something we can all rally to, and that gives us a positive focus,
2. Concentrate on electing Republican candidates everywhere else as a means of protest of Obama and Obama Republicans.

Not complicated. If you elect Republicans you get more votes and a chance to change the direction of the country. If you work to defeat the Obama Republicans in control of the leadership in the house and senate then conservative, libertarian and Tea Party Republicans get a needed shot of courage. It is time for the Tea Party voters to say to our representatives “we got your back“. Only then can they make the kind of changes in leadership that will end the tyranny of the Obama Republicans.

Can anyone suggest how we can get those two third party candidates we need?

And is it possible that there are still grass roots tea party organizations capable of getting out a message.