Friends don't let Democrats vote for Thad Cochran

As I have argued before I agree with Steiff that losing a Republican seat to a Democrat in order to undermine the Obama Republicans is not going to be a long term problem. And as Streiff points this is a secure Republican area. I believer that anything that undermines the Obama Republicans is worth the price. We can’t afford an Obama Republican controlled legislature any more than one Democrat controlled. If there is any difference at all.

But the real question is do friends let Democrats pick our candidate in Mississippi? Where does the Chairman stand on corrupt legal behavior by a nominee. Without Democrat votes, votes that Cochran won’t get in the fall, Chris McDaniel is the candidate. Will the Chairman step up and denounce these results. This behavior by Cochran. In the long run will the Chairman end support for the open primary elections before the next election and move to a registered Republican voter only primary.

Yes, local Republicans can refuse to vote in this charade, and we can all contribute to Cochran’s defeat but the question is will the Chairman allow the Cochran fraud to go without investigation. If an investigation turns up irregularities will the chairman take action? And if the answer is no to either or both, then who do we call a friend?