The war on Islamic Imperialists

As you look around the web today, you will see that the Taliban, or Al-Qaeda or some associated group is engaged in war. All around the world. World War. Not so much unlike theworld 100 years ago. Many of the same players too. China and Russia taking advantage of the opportunity to do what their predecessors tried in the past. But at the core there is one political system that has remained consistent throughout the centuries. Islamic Imperialism. That is the monarchs and oligarchs that comprise leaders who by divine right rule the nations of Islam, through local governors who in themselves are often lesser members of the same royal families or extended political organizations.

We cannot and never will be at war with Islam, or followers of Islam. We are at war with the expansionist monarchs and oligarchs that would extend the influence of their political power over the entire world. There is a simple term for this. Imperialism. Colonial Imperialism.

Whether we want to admit it or not, the west may have moved beyond the notions of empire and feudal or vassal states, but the religion/government of Islam has not. Nor is it likely to until we address it directly. The 1924 accord that ended the Ottoman empire and eliminated the caliphate was not recognized by the warrior lords who followed bin Laden, or by any of the leaders who fight today to restore their influence. This was made clear by Osama bin Laden himself in his speeches.

We are at war with the same political forces that generations of lords, knights, kings, princes and aristocrats fought for 1500 years. Just because we no longer recognize how that government functions, how the relationships develop and are dealt with because we no longer recognize it as legitimate for our own purposes does not mean it doesn’t exist. It is simply more diverse, and more difficult to deal with the convenience of large nation states. But it does exist. And there is a name for our enemies. They are the Islamic Imperialists. Who are the Islamic Imperialists? They are not the Muslim down the street, or the everyday population. They are the military leaders, the aristocratic administrators, the royalty and the members of the ruling families that would benefit from expanding their power and their influence. Whether it is the king of some Arab nation, an Emir, some distant cousin of a ruling family it is always one of those who can claim a right to high title. They conscript, or motivate the peasants who do the warring, but the motivation behind it is expanding imperial power. Get rid of the imperialists and keep it from resurgence and the world can live in peace and prosperity.

But you can’t defeat what you do not define. When Iraq falls there will be nothing between the Saudi Kingdom, the Jordanian Kingdom and the Islamic Imperial forces. This is the next phase of the Arab spring. Like the pers, who have bristled under the yoke of Arab domination for centuries, the nations of the ancient Roman empire is at risk of being brought under direct or indirect control of the Islamic Empire again. It has not been that long since it fell. But the Islamic Imperialists have spread there influence over a far greater extent than anything the the Ottoman Caliph could imagine.

It is time we made the distinction. No we have nothing against any religion, but Islamic Imperialists are monarchs and oligarchs who leverage the strength of followers of Islam to expand their power. We must fight the Islamic Imperialists not as nation states but as medieval vassal empires.

The first step in bring peace to the world is to recognize that Islamic Imperialism has not adapted with the times, and remains true to it’s ancient core. The second step is identify our enemy as the Islamic Imperialists. The final step is to strike at the Imperialists, and their immediate royal and military entourage. That is their weakness, their will is imposed, not embraced.

But there can never be peace, because like the treaty that ended the war and the empire of the Ottomans it only applied to the people who became the Turks. Though it had an effect, the vassals of the Ottom empire stioed being vassals, and therefor stopped being bound by the treaty the moment the treaty was signed. It will ever be that way. Make a deal with the Taliban and it will not have any bearing on any vassal and his followers who will be free to begin the fight again, under some new name or new leader.

This is Islamic Imperialism, and what we see happening in the middle east should be a wake up call for Liberals who think the world wants what they think is right. They have brought us again to the brink of a devastating world war. The legacy of delusion, and Democrats. The parting gift of Wilson, and now Obama.