Help me here, we lost a major battle in defense of marriage but the war is not over

There is little value in fighting to hold on to the idea that marriage is between one man and one woman. We have allowed the Democrats to change the meaning of the word. But the fact that the relationship between one man and one woman, in a life time commitment to each other and their offspring is unique, and far different from marriage as defined by the gay and lesbian community remains true. So it is time to change the focus from saving our definition of the word, to changing the way we refer to that unique relationship.  I am asking you to help me. There is a term out there that accurately portrays heterosexual marriage uniquely, perhaps a Latin term or antiquated term that would suit our antiquated definition.  I just can’t put my finer on it. Yet.

Lets look at a common word for ideas, we will use aircraft. Now to say something is an aircraft narrows down the possible variables to an object that can fly, and is used to move something from point A to point B in the air. You could call a piper cub and air craft and a Boeing 747 an aircraft thought they are vastly different. You could call a blimp an aircraft but you would not call a balloon an aircraft though they are similar in design. So what I am looking for is  a word that clearly describes the unique characteristics of a marriage the way the term “bomber” does for aircraft. Or maybe we need to reach back for an older term, something no longer used, but formerly common such as dirigible. Although not used now calling a blimp a dirigible provides a distinction which we can choose to redefine as we like, the way the LBGT community has changed the meaning of marriage. I can’t put my finger on the right word, something in a foreign language or classical Latin maybe? Old French or English perhaps? Or something cut from whole cloth such as Marveniage. (Mars-Venus Marriage). Maybe someone here can help.

Then there is the other way we could change how we refer to heterosexual marriage, by adding an adjective. While an aircraft might be an number of things, an “attack aircraft” narrows down the range of possibilities and adds required capabilities to more narrowly define “aircraft”. An attack aircraft has to have weapons that can be delivered against a target. Marriage between two people of the opposite sex has the ability to create life. Marriage as redefined to include people of the same sex does not. So perhaps there is a suitable adjective that celebrates the wonder of a committed relationship that has the ability or potential to create new life. Making an important distinction from those where marriage is nothing more than a convenient, easy tax and financial arrangement with no possibility of contributing to the growth of our society. Maybe we can say beneficial marriage, fruitful marriage, productive marriage, classical marriage,  or simply godly marriage. Something, again I can’t quite get my finger on it. A foreign or Latin term perhaps. Anyone?

But the idea is, if the definition of marriage can be changed so that it no longer accurately represents what we want it to mean, they the way we refer to traditional heterosexual marriage can be modified as well. And I am hoping you can contribute some ideas. We could start something. It has to start somewhere.


Productively married for 40 years through good times and bad, for better or worse, through sickness and in health, damn proud of it, and of our offspring and their offspring as well. But not happy two guys in a condo can claim their life relationship is comparable to ours no matter how much they care for each other and no, adoption however noble does not change the equation.