The only logical explanation for the exchange

Ok, I see all the spin about how Hillary Clinton would not have done this deal. Was given the chance and refused. But John Kerry did the deal. John Kerry of the ant-war 197o’s fame. John Kerry never understood that his actions did not endear him to many Americans, outside the little bubble of friends of his that included Hanoi Jane and people like Bill Ayers. Obviously also impressed was a guy who would have at the time been known by the nick name “Choom Baby” for his propensity to always be stoned. We know him as Barrack Obama.

After he returned from Vietnam Kerry went on an anti-American, anti-government, anti-military rant which brought him wide spread publicity and in his mind a great following. He has held elected office for many years so to an extent he was right. But Kerry has never been very good at gauging the appeal of his traitorous behavior on the broader American public. The release of Bowe Bergdahl may be one of the stupidest ideas any politician had but then Kerry has a reputation for saying and doing stupid things, usually involving our enemies while we are actively engaged in a war. Barrack Obama won’t  run for office again* but John Kerry thinks it is 1972 and he has a chance to win the hearts and minds of the hippies and ride that wave of anti-war rhetoric to victory in the Democrat primaries next year. Bergdahl makes sense if you are John Kerry and think that you represent the vast majority of Americans who think the American military is the greatest threat to our freedom. While most of America has moved on since those dark days and decades of American exceptionalism have proven Kerry to be sorely out of touch with reality, Kerry still believes that were it not for the swift boaters America would have embraced him. Now he has a real live “hero” rescued from the clutches of the American Military, who spent years with our enemies, that he can now trot out to reinforce those same sentiments that brought him before Congress in 1972. And Kerry still thinks that is a winning strategy. Somehow he seems to think that Americans suffering from an extended economic failure will embrace the socialist loving anti-American Kerry. He just needs to trot out his warm up speaker and the crowds will be wowed at his platform.

“Reporting for duty” may be Kerry’s most recent memorable line. He never gauged the long memories and deep division his anti-American stance created. It is the same blindness that would lead him to be surprised at the reaction to the release of Bergdahl. It explains why Clinton(2) is jumping on the spin wagon to “dis” this potential rival.


*I do not believe Barrack Obama will run for a third term in office. But contrary to protests by the President I am not yet convinced that Michelle won’t be the “first lady” President. I still expect Organizing for America to come out of the wood work at the right time to ambush the Democrat party with another Obama. That said, a president who has no respect for the law may chose not to run for office a third time, and simply not go into retirement. It would explain why Obama is flooding our country with criminals, foreign nationals with no hope of finding jobs, surrendering to our enemies and abandoning our friends. It would explain why the troops all have to be home by 2016. Nothing like a total civil break down to usher in a period of military emergency and suspension of all constitutional liberties while our hero President for life Obama pulls a “Chavez” on us. Actually he has been following the Chavez playbook for years, like his hero Chavez, Obama has been shredding the constitution and blurring the lines between despot and president throughout his reign.