Can I support McConnell or do we want real change?

Erick has proposed that we submit to the power that the Republican establishment has demonstrated in using their special interest money to defeat fellow Republicans rather than accepting the will of the grass roots conservatives and focusing on defeating Democrats. On the face of it this is a logical request. But I am having reservations about whether this will lead to any different results after the this years election then our success in 2010 did in turning back the growing menace of a oppressive national government. I respect Erick but I wanted to look elsewhere for guidance.

First, I came across a great analysis by CRAIG SHIRLEY on Brietbart’s Big Government site.

Rise of the Obama Republicans

What has altered the storyline in the past several years is not the emergence of the Tea Party but rather the permanent entrenchment of Big Government Republicans, aka Obama Republicans. President Obama has had that much effect on the national debate, which has had a direct effect on the national Republicans.

The post by Shirley, the author of two bestselling books about Ronald Reagan, including Rendezvous with Destiny and Reagan’s Revolution, goes on to do a detailed analysis of our opponents both Democrat and Republican but the guidance I needed is contained in these three sentences.

In spite of losing five of the previous six presidential contests, it is the Obama Republicans who now rule the party apparatus of the GOP. Obama Republicans have also spread out among the state bureaucracies, the academies, Wall Street, Detroit, and nearly all of corporate America. They have bought into Obama’s Oligarchy of big business and big government doing business together, at the expense of the little guy.

So, when Erick asks us to send McConnell a check, to support his reelection I am fundementally opposed because I am opposed to the Obama Republicans. Yes, I will support Republicans everywhere I can, and vote Republican in November. But since I cannot vote for or against McConnell or Boehner how I vote is not going to change the direction of the country, and so is less important than what other contributions I can make. I am against supporting the Obama Republicans and do not want to see them continue in power but short of abandoning the party I was uncertain how to proceed.

Enter the wisdom of Abe Lincoln.
At this point I decided to look to the very first Republican President for guidance. President Lincoln faced similar challenges during the war between the states. In particular there is a correlation that can be drawn between our success in 2010 and the subsequent squandering of our advantage to the actions of General McClellen following the battle of Antitiem. When frustration over the inaction or poor actions of General McClellen could no longer be ignored, Lincoln replaced him. Conservatives, Taxed Enough Already independents, and federalists have a strong political force to challenge the dangerously oppressive Democrat national leadership but we cannot win as long as we are lead by Obama Republicans. So like Lincoln what we need to do is change the generals. Calling for us to line up behind Obama Republicans will not inspire the base. Talking about changing the focus and winning local elections will not inspire the base if we don’t believe in the leadership. We need leaders we can believe in, and with the Obama Republicans using the power of crony money to crush conservative opposition there is little to inspire grass roots Republican enthusiasm. We need to take a page from Lincoln and fire the generals. Even if that means that we loose the seat to a Democrat. Even if that means we face McConnell and Boehner in the future, when like general McClellen they come back and run against us as Democrats. Defeating the leadership and electing a strong conservative house and winning the Senate is a cause that could inspire the base.

We need to put everything into defeating the Obama Republicans at the top, and winning more seats everywhere else. So, with all due respect to Erick, I am not going to send money to McConnell but will support any candidate, or any organization dedicated to defeating his re-election this year.

To paraphrase our great first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln: If McConnell and Boehner don’t want to use the party to change the direction of the country, I should like to borrow it for a while and give the leadership to someone who will.

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