The Washington Aristocracy is winning, the fight shifts away from the polls.

There is no doubt that the McConnell/Boehner Aristocrats have bought into the post partisan political vision of his royal highness and POTUS. Their vision of America mimicks the Democrats of fifty or 100 years ago. They have annointed themselves the earls, and counts of modern day America. As if that wasn’t obvious by the family tradition of inherited congressional and senate seats. We who believe in the conservative or tea party ideals have no place “in town”, NO RED COLORED allowed. BLUES ONLY. McConnell/Boehner have helped to segregate the country again. It was about political power then, and it remains the same.

But their vision doesn’t produce prosperity for anyone but the elite. The private sector union can’t produce prosperity because the ruling elite have crafted environmental regulatory environment that is more effective then any Jim Crow law and keeoing the classes in line. Without industry there are those that work for, with and in the government and the field hands who are at the mercy if the will of the elites. 

The answer, as decades of Blacks can attest to, isn’t in the voting booth. Assuming we can even get in the voting booth. The answer has to be found somewhere else. Some other protected right or capability within the constitution. In the end we are self governing. No greedy aristocrat willing to do anything to keep their fiefdom can change that. We can take away their power to tax. Without the money they buy their votes with, without the power that the money they print in Washington and funnel to their crony friends McConnell/Boehner and Reed, Pelosi and even his highness in the oval office are nothing. I prefer a future where the governors of the fifty states, competing for their own power retain dominance over the Washington Oligarchy.

It is time to focus our attention on the source of power that has captured the likes of Boehner and McConnell. Until the threat is real that they could lose it all they will never change the course of the country. It is time to focus on holding a convention and repealing the 16th and 17th amendments and take our chances that the greed of the states governors will exceed the silliness of the liberals. Even liberals have something to gain by emasculating the monstrous Oligarchy in Washington.

Two things that will correct the direction of the country is take away the ability to tax, and decentralize Congress. in this modern day there is no reason that Congress needs to meet in Washington. Let the Senate continue to meet in Washington only without the the 17th amendment politics will change. But Congressional representation should be restored to one per thirty thousand people. Make it mandatory that the office of the representative will be located in the territory of the district represented. Let Congress meet online like any decentralized business. The every day work can be carried on from offices that the voters can reach with little effort. Make the lobbyists run the gauntlet of hundreds if not thousands of scattered offices.  The cost of that effort alone will change the direction of the country.

We have the power to change the direction of the country and the legal way to do so. We just can’t count on Washington ruling aristocracy to represent us against their own interests anymore. We need to pull the plug on this monstrosity in Washington and put it back in the cage where it belongs. That should be the focus of the tea party, federalists and conservatives can embrace.

For those cynical readers, nothing will make McConnell and Boehner pay attention except the possibility that they are rendered irrelevant. And the only way to get them to soil their pants is by making the repeal seem within reach.

Make McConnell/Boehner think carefully about what they wish for. Work in your state to call a convention Lets turn our attention to something we can do for ourselves without their cooperation. Because we sure do not have their cooperation,


Taxed Enough Already federalist and fiscal conservative.