"For what it is worth" - Buffalo Springfield. Proof there is nothing new going on.

Go back and listen you can find it on you tube.

Somethings happening here
What it is ain’t exactly clear
There’s a man with a gun over there
Telling me I got to beware

The year was 1966 and the Democrats ran the government.
Many people think that it was was all about the war.
Or about racism, but they are wrong.
Falling for spin the Democrats, socialists, liberals and progressives want you to believe,

It was all about power. Democrat ruling elite power.
It is happening again, just as it has since Andrew Jackson bought a slave.
Democrats say one thing, then clamp down hard on any descent.
What is different this time is Obama doesn’t care if you know that he lies.

Paranoia strikes deep
into your soul it will creep
it starts when your always afraid
step out of line the man come and take you away.

The IRS scandals, nothing wrong here, not one smidgen
The NSA eves droppong on everyone. So what
If you don’t like it, just try and get health insurance
You can’t get health insurance without a government agent helping.
The IRS shares information with the Health care industry which decides your fate.
Is this paranoia, not sure but it sure feels familiar.

The tools are different
The criteria is different
You get segregated by the color of your politics
Not the color of your skin, but then
Republicans were the black party up until the great depression
So it was that denying a vote to a black prevented a Republican from voting
Now, they use NSA, IRS, HHS data decide who to silence
It is harder to do then judge people by the color of their skin, but it is harder to detect too.
And Obama has every czar running every department fully committed to it
Even the park service is organized to intimidate.

What a field day for the heat
Thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
mostly say hooray for our side

The democrats do not impose segregation for the benefit of the population
they do it to line their own pockets, and a select number of friends
Working people of all races were better off not in the south
The Democrats are against prosperity unless it is their own.
They don’t like developing natural resources it creates wealth they don’t control.
They don’t like industry, it is competition and makes their population harder to hold.
They do like slaves. Think deficits and what that means to tax payers.
Not down the road, but right now you and me. Five years from now.

Stop children
whats that sound
everybody look whats going down.

Nothing new happening here.
Just the same Old Democrats doing the same old thing
To you and me

“everybody look what’s going down”

EDITED because I got the group wrong. (Buffalo Springfield not Dusty!)
just wasn’t paying attention
H/T Thidwick

One more verse, with comments.

Battle lines being drawn,
Nobody right if everybody wrong
Young people speaking their mind
getting so much resistance from behind

Ted Cruz and anyone else that isn’t a shill for the administration.