It isn't about single payer. Just Power and Fear.

For a long time now I have tried to bring to light the differences between Democrats and socialists. Most commentators assign socialist ideals to the Democrats. As President Obama has said of himself he is a master at letting people see what they want to see in him. People want to see a socialist, he looks like a socialist. He even was a candidate for the new party at the start of his career and that was truly a socialist political party. But Obama is something else. He is a Democrat cut from the mold of DixieCrats, croney capitalists, ruling elites who like Democrats since Andrew Jackson’s time imposed their will through force, intimidation, violence and fear.

ObamaCare isn’t about helping people, and it isn’t about single payer. It is raw power intended to instill fear in every American. Period.

From the day (and way) it was passed, to the careless implementation of the exchanges the purposes was to drive home to every occupant of the country the point that the Democrat’s are in charge. They decide everything. And, the big careless government is not able to protect everyone from bureaucratic lethargy.

The Democrats make all the decisions.  Got that?

Only a fool would believe that ObamaCare is going to get better. There will always be traps where the unfortunate fall between the cracks. Slow government payment for services, paperwork snafu’s, misinterpreted directives, zealous cost cutters. The only way to insure that you don’t get caught in a trap is to purchase the services of a guide. Who will be a Democrat. They don’t have to know anything, just someone who they can call to make sure that decision gets identified as harsh, or that the payment is found. For everyone else. You need cash for the Doctor.

And why won’t it get better? It is the new Jim Crow. It isn’t the color of your skin, or your country of origin that paper pushers see when they press the “show me the profile”  button on the screen. It is your data footprint. Your IRS profile, your NSA profile, your social media profile, your favorite charities, all the things that identify you as a Christian, conservative, heterosexual, Republican, or Not. It is the color of your politics.

When the Democrats put on their white hoods and hung black people it was to suppress the Republican vote. What ever that morphed into it started out pure and simple. Hang a freed slave and kill a republican. Not much has changed.

They don’t care about the color of your skin anymore, but only the color of your politics, red or blue.

The purpose of ObamaCare, from the day Nancy Pelosi shoved it into law was to make sure that the most number of people could be hurt with the least amount of accountability. Scary is that?  Well, don’t rock the boat the Democrat’s will tell you and stay on your side of the street.