It's all a game, the only way to win is not to play

My local library was holding a hard back sale to raise money so I picked up a copy of Norman Cantors History of the Middle Ages. Funny, but the history of the royals contending for power with the nobles doesn’t seem any different then our own nobles, the beltway parliment contending with the head of our self appoint royal family in the oval office. It is a game of thrones. The only way we can win is not to play.

To understand this game let me share a story, a business story, one version goes like this. There are two family owned hardware stores, situated directly across the street from each other in a small western town. They had been there nearly as long as the town existed. Over the years the animosity between the two owners was well known. They battled it out against each other for the business, through constant bargain sales, advertised specials, and promotions. Time took it’s toll on the business  owners and they passed away within a few months of each other. It was only then, when the properties were being fitted out for new tenants that the owners discovered that there was a tunnel under the street between the two businesses. Further research discovered that the two owners were in fact partners. The game of competition served to increase traffic and generate publicity. Which the owners turned into profits. They shared in these profits. Sound familiar?

Republicans and Democrats inside the beltway, especially those that have been inside the beltway for a long time are like the two merchants. They feign competition in order to increase demand for the services, in order to generate publicity which they turn into contributions, but in the end they are working together to share in the profits. Profits extracted from us against our will.

The only way we can win this game is not to play. At least, not by their rules. Not allow ourselves to be used. Between the power they have to intimidate, and the traffic they generate with their bogus “competition”  we are but pawns in a game of thrones. But unlike Cantor’s peasants  and  business men or burghers we are not powerless to change the game and tilt the field in our direction.

The constitution, as originally written gives us the power. Two amendments ratified in the Wilsonian era fundamentally changed the relationship between citizens and the federal government. There were three amendments introduced in the Wilsonian era, one that has already been repealed was the 18th amendment that banned alcohol The corruption that was a direct result of that amendment is widely known and understood. But the 16th and 17th amendments lead to as much corruption yet they remain on the books. In many abstract ways the money that bootleggers contributed to gain political influence and protection is no different than the what the Washington Ruling Elite are doing today. Contributions are still about buying influence for a territory, or against government interference, or to make life difficult for the competition. 

As I said, we are not the peasants the royals and nobles played against each other in the middle ages. We actually control the rules of the game. But continuing to hope that voting “this way” or “that way” will change Washington is an Orwellen disillusion, At the local and state level the precinct project is critical to the future of America. But at the federal level the time has come to reject the ideologically foreign government that has taken root inside the beltway and seeks to enslave America. We need to restore our federation. We need to return the power to the states. No citizen or business can stand up to the power of the IRS in the hands of a unscrupulous dictator. You may argue if the current President is such a dictator, or not. It is beside the point. Someday, someone competent and unscrupulous  with the desire to be our “President for life” will take control over the power we have allowed to amass in Washington and we will be helpless. The only protection we have is to restore the separation of powers the founders intended, by restoring spending control to the states where it belongs. This has everything to do with taxation with representation. There is little difference between the parliament levying taxes on the founders, Parliament being theoretically a representative body. and a Pelosi/Reed or Boehner/Reed  lead legislature levying taxes on me. I did not and cannot vote for or against any of these people. and neither can nearly anyone else in the country. Taxation should occur closer to home, at the local and state level where voting for a representative can have influence over that office. It is the states who need to manage the financial affairs of the federal government and together insure that the federal government is discharging it’s duties and meeting it’s obligations. The state where I live is self governing, as probably so is the state where you and your neighbors live. We have never needed an ideological foreign government in Washington.

The solution is a constitutional convention and to rescind the 16th and 17th amendments. The very threat of which will cause Washington politicians to pay attention to our desires. The actual effect would be to constrain, if not virtually eliminate the bureaucracy that dominates Washington politics. And it has the potential to restore the American political environment because once the most acrimonious social issues are no longer subject to federal intervention the focus of political discourse will be on the proper role of government. Yes, federalism would mean that New York and California could have government funded abortions if the voters chose to allow that, but it also means Texas could make it virtually impossible. Good fences make good neighbors. It isn’t what either party believes that is wearing us down, but that we are locked in a battle to prevent the other side from imposing on us what we abhor. Like Orwells dreamers, we locked in war that doesn’t really exist,  solely for the benefit of those who share in and profit from the power this illusion creates.

Let’s get behind the movement to repeal the 16th and 17th amendments and put some teeth into the tea party slogan.

Taxed Enough Already.