Injured by ObamaCare, my story.

I work for a large international technology company in an IT support capacity.  Basically I fix things people use to to maintain and work with electronic medical records. The core stuff of ObamaCare. I do my work at a teaching hospital so I am intimately familiar with the kinds of issues that the (Not) Affordable Healthcare Act has created. On Monday December 23 I was in the hospital and headed to surgery, a few days after an unexpected  trip to the emergency room. Fortunately I recovered quickly and was discharged on December 27th. While I was recovering at home I received my new insurance cards from my employer provided insurance. Which brings me to the “benefits” I have received from ObamaCare and the rest of my story.

Last year I had six plans to select from, both PPO and HMO provided by three different providers. The plans were uniform in benefits and pricing, it came down to provider networks. The company I work for was adapting it’s offerings to be “PPACA” Compliant so they would be grandfathered in and that was why they were so uniform in cost and benefits. I chose one of the BS/BC providers. That provider was not available this year and I was forced to “select” a new provider. .

In reality I had no choice at all.  There was only one provider available to me based on my zip code. I was forced to change BS/BC provider.

The insurance from my existing BS/BC provider insurance expired at midnight on December 31st.

My new insurance doesn’t take effect until January 20th.

Hello, that’s three weeks without coverage.  Thank you your majesty “President” Obama. You are the world’s stupidest smart man. I hope you are enjoying your trip to Hawaii and it’s wonderful golf courses.

Now none of this might even have been noticed except that I was recovering from surgery. Friday I am checking my new insurance prior to going to the Doctor for a follow up appointment when I discovered it wasn’t in force yet. Very convenient.

By now everyone should have realized that government makes a mess of everything anytime they get involved and the Federal government is exponentially worse than smaller more local governments. There is no attention on the details. Regulations are implemented but it isn’t until after the outcomes go tragic that anyone even notices. Instead of holding government employees accountable politicians turn every fiasco into a political opportunity for “improvement” and the result is to make matters worse. More expensive, more complicated, more intrusive, and worse.

I was very fortunate that I was able to get out of the hospital before my existing coverage ended. The fact that my employer could not supply medical cards until a few days before new years should have been a red flag for me but I was pre-occupied. I still haven’t had time to check to see what doctors, if any, are in the “network”. I am working with my employer to find out what happened and why I don’t have coverage but I am sure by time I get an answer it will be after the new insurance is in force and the point moot.

But the fact remains that my company, a very large company with tens of thousands of employees here in America and hundreds of thousands world wide can’t offer me more than one policy. I can’t buy better coverage if I want it.I can buy some supplemental insurance but I do not have the choice of high deductible or low, high copay or low. I get one policy that is better than a bronze but worse than anything I have ever had before in my life. I have to pay 100% of my deductible before I get any benefits, where as at least in the past I had a fixed co-pay for a doctors visit. How is this better. Spending $100.00 to see a doctor rather than #20.oo, $15.00 or $10.00. If I hadn’t gone to the emergency room I would not have cleared my deductible at all last year.  What a farce. How does this improve access?  I am lucky because I have a deductible that is only a fraction of that of a bronze policy for less money. If I had a bronze policy I probably would never see a benefit.

Anyway, I am without insurance for three weeks to start the year because the idiots at HSS and in the Oval office forced me to comply with the PPACA.   And they are promoting the improved variety of choice by limiting me to only one policy permitted to be sold in my zip code. For everyone that thought buying across state lines was what Obama was promising how does it feel that you can’t even buy state wide now, that you are limited to only those policies in your local zip code? And of course this policy costs me more. My situation isn’t an anomaly, I live in a highly populated blue state in a large county with a plethora of medical providers. This is an example of government at it’s disruptive best .

 There is only one better solution. Repeal this bill in it’s entirety and let the free market offer solutions. They will rapidly and efficiently solve the problems. Any attempt to fix it or “keep the good parts” will only muck up the health care recovery.  The Democrats have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that big government, even with a dictator willing to pick and choose the laws he enforces is bad. Period. 

The only good thing to come out of the ObamaCare fiasco is the absolute and irrefutable proof that the government is incompetent and the more it attempts to help the worse it makes things. The scale of the PPACA forced migration is hitting home to nearly everyone in this country. This is all the evidence we should ever need to silence anyone that suggests single payer as a viable government program. In fact, more than anything else this has proven that big government Washington is a complete waste of time and money and incompetent if not down right dangerous to the welfare of this country. For that your majesty “President” Obama, I thank you.



Note to Ted Cruz and any other Republicans with grand  ideas to fix ObamaCare:

If you propose a replacement for the PPACA, anything short of complete repeal I will donate to anyone in the primary running against you. And I like Ted Cruz.


Note: I am a federalist. If some state, like Massachusetts wants to implement a state wide single payer health care solution, go for it. Without any federal dollars and without any federal interference. So I am not “against” single payer, for you. Feel free to live your life as your chose. I support your right to harm yourself through bad political choices to vote for what you see as benefits any form of local or state government you prefer. Strong fences make good neighbors. Just stay out of my yard and my wallet and I will do the same for you. Together we can get the Federal Government in Washington out of all our lives regardless of your political persuasion that would benefit everyone.


Perhaps we should begin to refer to this as follows

The (no) Patient Protection and Un-Affordable Care Act, brought to you by the courtesy of the Democrat cartel of Obama, Pelosi and Reed