Talking point for 2016 - Forget creating jobs, create an American "Industrial Renaissance"

Job creation is a distraction, government doesn’t exist to create jobs, at least here in America since the late 18th century. J0bs are created by Monarchs, such as the Saudi King who controlling all the wealth shares it with his population. Contrary to Barrack Obama’s self image, he was elected President, not King. His job is chief clerk of the country, not distributor of the wealth. Washington is set on a policy of implementing the most strict and limiting environmental controls. Elites treating America like their private hunting reserve, and Americans like peasants to be managed confined, and controlled. Focusing on “job creation” is a distraction to avoid the real challenges.

We must reverse the trend and stand up to the elitist aristocrats who bludgeon us into submission with eco-terrorist laws, regulations and threats.

This country was built on industry. From mining our natural resources, to creating cheap, plentyful energy, and converting that, along with our vast mineral wealth into durable goods. We have the worlds best transportation industry (Eco-Elitist definitions of “best” not withstanding) and we are in a position for a new Industrial Renaissance.

Republicans need to focus on reducing the barriers to our Industrial Renaissance. The biggest being the Washington bureaucracy dedicated to maintaining their own power. Domestic policy agencies need to be eliminated, allowing freedom of states to work together to restore a reasonable balance between ecological protection and industrial development.

Worried about science in education? You should be, there are only so many slots for teachers and with industrial development all taking place overseas a degree in science is a sentence to immigrate to Asia. Creating the environment for our Industrial Renaissance will resolve the problem as young Americans see the future in the science and engineering fields here at home.

Worried about the 1/3 of all citizens who don’t go to college? No one really is. They are more worried about how to get them in college. The Industrial Renaissance will resolve this problem by providing the upward mobility that America always provided to people with sharp minds, strong backs and skilled hands. Even if they don’t go to college.

The industrial Renaissance isn’t just about big industry. But big industry drives the Renaissance. Think about an assembly line, top of the industrial ladder, producing a durable good. Some number of people work on that assembly line to produce that good item. But, also their are people who made the equipment that moves the good item down the assembly line, the people that maintain and service the equipment that moves the good item down the line, the people that build and maintain the building that house the assembly line that the people who work on build the good item. Then there is the parts manufacturers, screws and nuts, widgets, sub-assemblies, plastics forms, packaging items, metal housings, tool bits, stamping press molds, material handling equipment, storage equipment, fork lifts tow motors, trucks, carts, small tools, etc., all of which are made by other industries and each industry feeds off the other. And creating an expanding industrial base, that is how Americans find and prosper from good jobs 

The solution is to fight back against “job creation” enslavement with policies that lead to our Industrial Renaissance. Put aside our political difference with union leaders and reach out to the working people, union and non-union alike. The Democrats will never do anything to restore the power of the unions, or the power of skilled workers. They are peasants to be mollified but not encouraged. We on the other hand offer the chance to expand industry and restore America to it’s rightful place as a leader in industrial capacity. And that, not Democrat support will create an expanding labor market where the pro-union and non-union leaders can contend fairly and without political shenanigans for support from an ever expanding labor base. Why wouldn’t the union movement want to be part of our solution. We won’t get all of union’s support. The Democrats will keep the SEIU low wage and government workers, but the private industry workers should understand the importance of supporting Industry Growth. Something the Democrats will never do.


Republicans for Industrial Renaissance, stand with us for a better America!