How does Boehner's confession effect how we go from here.

I believe that I will not be able to support the Republican party as long as Boehner is speaker of the house. Since I live in New Jersey my influence is limited anyway, until I move.

I am not certain where to turn for now, yes I know precinct captain, but I can’t deliver the answers that will win the votes. It is all about jobs, middle class jobs, big factory jobs, little factory jobs. Energy sector jobs. And for that I need a national network dedicated to overcoming fifty years of elitist road blocks. Not promises that a rising tide floats all boats because the Democrats have effectively implemented controls to keep the Modern Democrat Working Class Discrimination Acts* in force and prevent progress without direct intervention.

But I can’t abide Boehner, who would not be speaker without us, saying we have no credibility. It cuts both ways.
He has lost all credibility to me. And my experience tells me that we can’t change the party. Too many happy hour loving elitist Republicans hold places of seniority.

The thing is, Red State has never allowed discussions of challenges to the Republican party and I respect that, until I hear differently from the moderators and the editors. But that won’t stop tea party types who have every right to turn their back on the party. It most places you can buy more influence by donating to Democrats, then you get support for ideals by donating to Republicans. Like it or not Boehner has destroyed, in my opinion, a conservative revolution in 2014. Maybe he is right, low information voters will go for Republicans who promise to fix obama care and spend more money rather then Democrats because they are mad at Obama. Maybe Boehner won’t need us. Maybe big spending Republicans will get the nod in the next cycle.

But that leaves me with the question that, if the country is heading in the wrong direction and Republicans won’t change it, where is the difference we should support.

And more importantly if an honest discussion of alternatives to the Republicans cannot be held how can we bring to the party leadership attention that there is risk for the happy hour elitists in this approach. It isn’t all gravy for them.

I am looking for ways to make it clear that we are serious. I think the mood of the country especially the liberals would open the opportunity for a successful constitutional convention to repeal the 16th and 17th. That would create a true threat to the source of power for this imperialist President and the elitist house and senate, even before it is passed. But then I am a federalist that would be happy to let the socialist state of California go it’s own way, while letting the liberty state of Texas be as conservative as it desired. Without a dedicated revenue stream, Washington would shrink in physical size as well as influence domestically. Imagine an IRS with fifty people who job it is to beg the governors for money. I think loosing the revenue stream would solve everything by restoring the states.

What else can we do that we can discuss here?

Free us from Boehner

* I like the term Modern Democrat Aparthied, for several reasons but understand it might be antagonistic and detract from the point.

  1. If you look at the impact Democrat policies have on blacks, on black segregation, it is hard to ignore. Blacks came to the big cities to work in factories that the Democrats have chased away. Working class of all races have suffered as well of course 
  2. If you realize that Obama is for segregation in everything he does, that is he puts everyone in boxes and then pits the boxes against each other the same way the southern Democrats of the George Wallace era did, Apartheid based on demographics rather than race alone  is not that far away.
  3. Look at where the rich are moving in the big cities. Up. And try and get to those places without papers unless you look like you belong there. Sounds like homelands to me.