Give me liberty (from Boehner) or give me a third party

John Boehner whether or not he was drunk at the time, has no business being at the head of the Republican party. He is a politician, and had he grown up in New York would have made a career out of Democrat politics. He has no principles. He hasn’t the slimist idea of what conservatism is.

I am a fiscal conservative, and a federalist. Not once during the time that Boehner was speaker has the amount of spending been rolled back in the direction of the base line of spending before the first tarp. Boehner has done nothing to contain Obama’s illegal federal power grab. He is no fiscal conservative, and no federalist fighting for states rights. He is just a career politician who grew up in a place where Republican’s dominated politics and is republican by accident only.

As for social conservatives, he has allowed ObamaCare to proceed unabated even though it is an insult to those who are pro-life, to those who believe abortion and even contraception is a sin. He has done nothing to reduce the impact of educational distortions that have first grade students getting sex education in public schools. He is no social conservative.

He hasn’t stood up for pro-life, he hasn’t stood up for lower spending, he hasn’t stood up for states rights. The majority of people in this country think the government is going in the wrong direction and John Boehner is as much an obstacle to reversing that direction as Harry Reid.

We need a new speaker in January. The conservatives and tea party republicans (which would be me) need to get our representatives to demand a new speaker. One less interested in happy hour socializing, and one with a more sober attitude towards the problems that congress is creating by failing in their duty to enforce controls on administration spending, on administration performance of duty (in all departments and in the Oval Office), of administration foreign policy, all failures that are costing Americans their hope of prosperity. We need to turn the country around. We need new hope and a complete change.

I am calling on the chairman of the RNC, a Republican because of Idiology, not circumstance, to remove Boehner before more damage is done, and select someone that can lead the power of conservatives and tea party conservatives to victory in 2014. Of course, if the Republicans don’t want us, and Boehner has made it clear that he doesn’t, then we have nothing to gain by voting Republican and nothing to loose by focusing on building a new party. After all this is the kind of disinigration that lead to the disappearance of the Whigs. Boehner will find a home in the Democrats, and we can find someone new to right the ship of state.

Taxed Enough Already (but under Boehner it just keeps getting worse).