Radio talk show host fall for an "April fools" cyber Monday joke.

OK, I am heading home and during the twenty minute drive I had two different talk radio stations blabbing endlessly about that web site that wants to drone their product to your door. This is cyber Monday. I will tell you the truth, after a case of the flu, a tough Thanksgiving weekend and no particular rush to shop online. I ended up checking out the on line retailer anyway. Not because I had it in mind, but because the seed was planted by gullible talk show hosts endlessly naming names that they didn’t get paid to promote. I hope all the paying advertisers get a refund.

Think about it.

Drones, air delivery, 30 minute deliveries. Announced to go viral on Cyber Monday. Of course the owner of the business discounted the technical challenges, because they didn’t really intend to do this. It was nothing more than the worlds best publicity stunt. You think Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade is a hit, guess what. They look like Amateurs compared to the web guys.

That said, I like the idea. The military has been studying how to use drones to recover wounded and deliver needed supplies, ammunition and support to troops engaged in battle for some time. It isn’t a new idea. And their could be benefits of reducing green house gases (if that is your thing) or at least congestion. There is some merit to delivering packages to rural areas without having to send a truck. Not that this will help the post office. The entire concept is not unrealistic, outside big cities of course, and in big cities it is more likely they would use drone vehicles. If you don’t see that in the future you really do need to check out the military’s progress.

Many factories use drone equipment now to place or recover merchandise from the warehouse. Here is something you can take away. If a robot can do your job, it will sooner or later. Truck drivers beware. The truth is, for long haul and even some local delivery applications an unmanned vehicle could not only be more efficient, it could be safer. It would never exceed the speed limit, never get sleep or tired, never take drugs or operate in an unsafe manner, and it would not be distracted by the radio, a ball game, bad drivers around it or a cell phone. Anyone that doesn’t think the nanny state will buy into that needs to review the ObamaCare history.

But while I don’t see that happening in my life time, it was the worlds greatest show since the original broadcast of war of the worlds.