Job Opportunity - Wanted one or more hippies

There is the old smart remark that if you can’t trust the police, next time you get in trouble, call a hippie. Perhaps it is too old for most here. But right now we got a big problem.

Healthcare.gov is the biggest disaster to effect this country since The Deep Water Horizon explosion. More people are effected. But unlike BP’s executives who were scared to death of the Federal government’s retribution for this mistake, who are Kathleen Sibelius and Barrack Obama scared of? Who can make them pay for their misdeeds?

Well government regulates business but if government is giving you the business who can you turn to for protection? The UN? Good luck with that. One thing is for damn sure, there is nothing that a person, millions of people, business or even the Congress of the United States can do to move Barrack Obama. Can you imagine the head of engineering traveling around the country holding town hall meetings to sell BP stock to people while the oil was leaking from the sea bed? Of course not, because people and business are afraid of regulatory power.

What power regulates Obama? None, apparently, not even shutting down the government.

So, if in this highly visibly fiasco, leaking good will faster than the Deepwater Horizon spewed oil, the entire weight of Congress, millions of unhappy users, newspapers, politicians and talking heads can’t make Obama change his mind and do the right thing, what chance does an individual who is facing certain death because a capricious, callous or careless decision or inaction by some nameless bureaucrat have against the big monopoly business called ObamaCare

No Chance! And if that isn’t good enough for you, go call a hippie.