Time to turn the picture of Reagan face to the wall

Elsewhere Strieff argues that the compromise to not fight on abortion is the main reason that the Republican party cannot succeed. I have a different view, and believe that for the Republican party, or any party to succeed it is important to address the issues of today. While most people believe abortion is wrong, it is not forcefully imposed. No one, yet says that an abortion is mandatory. My belief is that it is coming, through the PPACA, or as it is commonly known ObamaCare. And my concern about abortion is that the federal government should not have the power to force abortions.

So if we can’t rely on the coalition that brought us Reagan what can we do?

  • We must start winning in the Big Blue Cities, and the Blue States.
  • We must get street tough and street smart. And people must be able to depend on the support of activists, agitators and their elected officials to protect them from retribution
  • We have to focus on the things that made us great, and the people who are the backbone of that achievement. We need to develop solutions for the 1/3 of Americans that never go to college. Their prosperity and their success will provide the opportunities for the rest.
  • The cities, the urban population, the immigrants don’t want ideas. They need local support and local influence. They need jobs, people they can rely on to protect them from Democrats and their organizations of bullies. They need us to reverse the ecological forces that have denied us prosperity, and create a balance that puts people, industry and prosperity in balance.
  • These same people want what we want too. They want cheap plentiful energy, they want prosperous jobs in industry, they want great education, and they want liberty. The democrats deny them all of this.

Listen to the hype and you would have thought that Steve Lonegan made the Democrats sweet in the special election in New Jersey. Cory Booker is a thief, a liar and corrupt politician with no concrete solutions. He doesn’t even live in New Jersey, yet he won by 10 points. The Obama Organizing for America team get out the vote effort doesn’t even need to try hard.

It is time to face the new future. With the caving of Republicans no one in a blue state can risk being seen as “a tall weed” lest they be mowed down and ruined. The new separate but equal, that is not. The Democrat organization, or more precisely the Obama organization is brutally efficient. But their weakness is, like segregationists of the 20th century, they don’t allow prosperity outside the good ole boy network. They don’t support good education, but focus on funneling money to teachers.  They prevent us from reaching our potential by making energy expensive and making extracting resources legally challenging. They must create a second class citizenry, separated from the ruling elite and their cronies in order to maintain power. They need to define people so that they can pit group against group. They need massive immigation so there are challenges to those that might complain. In this maelstrom of trouble they brew up they offer the only hope. If you are loyal enough, I will protect you Democrat operatives say.  Will Republicans do that for you they ask? Will their ideas and values put food on your table, I can get you a job, what can they do?

It is time to turn the picture of Reagan to the wall. Like blacks in the thirties that stopped supporting Republicans because of Lincoln, it is time that we stop support Republicans because of Reagan. We need a new direction, or conservatives need a new party.

Personally I don’t care if Republican party goes the way of the Whigs, or if the Tea Party burns out the choking undergrowth and makes room for new life. Like the occasional fire makes way for new shoots in an old Forrest. We need a new vision focused on restoring America’s greatness through industry, exploiting our vast natural resources to provide cheap plentiful energy. This vision must be strong to stand up to and destroy the educational industrial complex, and return power to tax individuals to the states exclusively. This is a platform that will win the hearts and minds of those the Democrats have condemned to a life of failure, dependence and crime. If we have people with the courage to fight the Democrats on the street where it counts.