Single focus Republican talking point for the Sunday shows.

It is time to face a fact. If the government cannot in a timely and efficient manner set up the necessary infrastructure to sign you up for coverage under the PPACA how can we possibly believe they will be able to deliver the services needed to analyze, authorize and finance the services you need to stay alive in a timely fashion.

This isn’t Social Security. This is way more complicated. And it isn’t even medicaid which is a single payer system. This is was promised to be a full fledged health care financing solution with the wide variety of options and choices that a free, self governing nation deserves. The difference between life and death for people from birth to age 65 is nearly always a result of early detection and rapid intervention. From the golden hour for trauma treatment to the early detection and aggressive and rapid treatment of cancers, genetic diseases, or contagious diseases the modern medical care system (the actual care providers) depend on the rapid, reliable and predictable financing of our current system. Washington is replacing that with a system that can’t make work right given three years advance notice. People with cancer can’t wait three years for a bumbling bureaucracy to work out the bugs.

This fiasco that Republicans and even some Democrats have warned would be a train wreck proves one thing. Washington can’t do this right!  They can’t deliver a rapid, reliable and predictable service. And without that the Medical Care provider systems will grind to a halt. When the delivery of funding becomes as bad as the Health Care exchanges, it won’t be just frustration people will suffer from, it will be shorten lives, perhaps even die waiting for someone in Washington to get something right.

Republicans are standing up for the little guy. The individual that has no influence with in Washington, that can’t go there and complain. It is becoming clearer day by day that Washington’s promises for reduced cost, easy access and universal support for medical care are not true. They are expensive, difficult to sign up for and almost impossible to comprehend. Many people are being hurt by this. Many people feel deceived by the President. The President promised that business would be required to pay for health care one way or another, but they reneged on that promise too.

Republicans are standing up against ObamaCare because we can’t afford to risk our life on a system that has broken so many promises. When you are in desparate need of a service to save your lives, can the medical care provide depend on the government to pay for it, as promised, or could the man in the oval office renege on that promise too.

Defund and Repeal ObamaCare.  start over!